Dr. Edwards is a D.C. and discovered over his years working with athletes he needed to treat their health and treatment differently as telling athletes not to do something is not an effective solution!  As myself, Dr. Edwards started to look at the big picture as he realized the traditional treatments didn’t always work for everyone.  The approach wasn’t working… so he changed this plan.  Dr. Edwards strives to optimize health and their human performance with his unique treatment system…the holistic approach as I love as well!Dr. Chad Edwards

Dr. Edward’s mission when working with clients created the foundational approach “the Healthy Trinity” for his intervention and treatment plan based on his experience:  Exercise and Nutrition then the three r’s…similar to my “WHOLE-Athlete Approach”

  1. REST
  2. RECOVERY from exercise
  3. Reducing Stress

When those “three r’s” go haywire then medical problems and our health is comprised. As I love to say…we need to work from the inside out to be the healthiest versions of ourselves to lose weight, eliminate inflammation and reduce risk of diseases.  Are we eating for our right metabolic type?  The way to treat clients or how to eat is not one size fits all but we all start the same… eat real food as the Paleo Diet.  Let’s look at the WHOLE picture…

Dr. Edwards starts most clients on the Paleo diet or Primal Paleo to help them improve gut issues, food sensitivities, inflammation and more.  A generalized paleo type of diet is a good intro.  As myself, we both like to think of this of the real food plan…not using the “Paleo” manufactured processed foods on the market.  The term has gotten blown up in the food marketing industry.  The word PALEO is a natural food plan as we were designed to eat.  A natural eating plan- minimally invasive and limited intervention in the food is consuming.

The mainstream media confuses all of us what to eat but really we need to look at the source of our food products…are they farm raised?  Organic?  Free Range?  Non GMO? To eat meat or not to eat meat.  This is why we have a podcast …to clear up the confusion!

What supplements do you need to add into our food plan?  Even if eating real food we still need to supplement our diet with additional source of nutrients as Omega-3.  We want Omega 6 in balance with Omega-3 fatty acids or else we create inflammation in our body.  The problem is in the balance of the two …we don’t all need a fish oil supplement but our “SAD” has way too much Omega-6 pro-inflammatory fatty acids.  We need both omega 3 and omega 6 but in balance.

Ying and Yang.  Balance in the nervous system.

Chronic inflammation is common in many people that we can improve with nutrition.  AND then the cholesterol and thyroid issues…why do we hear about so many people taking medication for problems that they could improve or get to the root cause then improve the function.  Maybe we have toxins or nutritional deficiencies in our body.  How do we know? Get lab testing…see www.fitnessforwardstudio.com/labtesting or find the Spectra cell lab test that Dr. Edwards suggest to test why a client feels the way they feel.  Look at the WHOLE picture.

Do we need to take Statin drugs?  What is the updated literature state? Or do Doctors not have time to research and rely on the pharmaceutical drug reps for updates in research that supports medication.  What about the side effects of the medication?

What about gut health?  Do we need probiotics?  We have different strains of bacteria naturally in our gut.  Look for a probiotic that is a strain that is identified and studied to interact with the human gut.  I use Dr. Pearlmutter’s Probiotics or you can order various ones on my web site www.fitnessforwardstudio.com/supplements.

We want to test the gut and digestive system with lab testing to test for infections, yeast or candida type of infections or parasites.  I had a few tests conducted the last three years with the Kalish Method and Christopher Kelly to find out my parasite infection that I was not aware about!  We need a healthy gut so look for lab testing if you have any symptoms…check your bowel movement each day!   See my blog page for other articles on leaky gut, digestion and poop!  www.fitnessforwardstudio.com/blog.

We will have Dr. Chad Edwards on the show again to talk for 30 minutes on ONE topic… this was just an overview of various topics that impact athlete’s performance in life and sports.

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