How to improve performance in triathlon

The Kalish Method helped me three years ago when I was first hit with stage three adrenal exhaustion.  Over the years I have interviewed the founder of the Kalish Method (search on our podcast page for past episodes


Dr. Kalish covered many important details on how to train for Ironman Triathlons to improve performance but here are a few notes:

Learn more about the Kalish Method and the


  • When we do a lot of endurance exercise we put the body in a catabolic state- break down
  • Catabolic state when the body makes stress hormones as cortisol (from cortex)
  • When excessive amount of cortisol is produced from excessive cardio exercise then we start to break down lean muscle mass!
  • We break down the gut wall lining and the  immune system takes a hit
  • How do we balance catabolic exercise with anabolic exercise… internally generated hormones  
  • It is a domino effect when the cortisol levels are high and the adrenals get exhausted
  • How do we change our training schedule to avoid fatigue and exhaustion… listen to our past podcasts with Ronda from Sweet Beat!
  • Cardio over 20-30 minutes (as we all do!) then cortisol levels are increased then block the conversion of T4 to T3 to disrupt the thyroid gland function
  • Deplete the sex hormones as estrogen, progesterone and Pregnenolone  
  • Deplete DHEA immune system hormones are comprised
  • Mitochondria in the muscle cells will be impacted and influence energy levels
  • Rest and repair…rebuild time planned out 
  • When do you take a rest day?  More rest days in between exercise sessions and implement strength training sessions the alternate days 
  • Most all endurance athletes- triathletes are overtraining and losing muscle mass from over training
  • Implement more rest days to get stronger and faster!  Less is really more as we age… and we get smarter with our training!
  • Strength training to keep tissues and ligaments strong
  • Lean muscle mass- how many mitochondria we have.  Decreased performance if we lose the mighty mitochondria… so do more strength training!
  • The gut wall lining impacted…shred the gut wall lining and lose absorption of nutrients which results in leaky gut plus deficiency in Glutamine.
  • Getting slower and fatigue faster does not mean we are getting older but rather more time to be in excessive catabolic state
  • Return to improved performance levels and reverse the aging process by restoring the hormonal systems imbalance from chronic stress.
  • Stay tuned for my new book “Life is not a Race… it is a Journey” coming soon.

Learn more about the Kalish Methodology and Dr. Kalish

The Kalish Method is a functional medicine lab based health approach focused on addressing five common conditions – weight gain, fatigue, depression, female hormone and digestive problems – through restoring the 3 main body systems: hormones, digestion and detoxification. 

Daniel Kalish, D.C., is a pioneer, having developed his own model of Functional Medicine founded on 20 years of successful clinical results while working with over 8,000 patients in his private practice.  He has certified over 700 practitioners worldwide in The Kalish Method which solves patient challenges through a proven lab based mentorship program addressing the three key areas of Hormones, GI and Detoxification. He has trained practitioners from Dr. Mercola’s medical staff to Mayo Clinic physicians in Kalish Method functional medicine protocols. 

Dr. Kalish received his B.A. in Physiological Psychology & Philosophy from Antioch College in Ohio and completed his Chiropractic degree in California.  He also studied at the University of London and conducted research with biochemist Dr. Robin Monroe at Cambridge University. His studies led him to mentoring with renowned psychiatrist Dr. R.D. Lang utilizing drug-free treatments for schizophrenics. 

More recently, Dr. Kalish proudly served as an advisor to the Honorable Patrick Kennedy and participated in the first One Mind For Research conference held in Boston in 2011 where 200 of the nation’s top neuroscientists gathered to form a unified front to promote research on brain disorders. 

He is the author of two books, “The Kalish Method: Healing the Body Mapping the Mind” and “Your Guide to Healthy Hormones” and is a frequently requested speaker for health summits across the United States. 

Mayo Study – Evaluation of a functional medicine approach to treating fatigue, stress, and digestive issues in women.

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