Episode 78: How to be a “Self Made Wellionaire” With Jill Ginsberg.

Jill is a mother of three and now also a health coach after leaving the business world as a brand marketing specialist.. What Jill learned in business school and as an entrepreneur now implements those tools into her health coaching program and her new book. She is a holistic health coach with training from the popular “The Institute of Integrated Nutrition” program and now combines her knowledge from business and health into her new book called “Self-Made Wellionaire”. Jill created a her system to help clients create a roadmap to health and wellness. A launching point to get started by creating action steps and accountability.

Learn more about http://jillginsberg.com/ and order new book!
Available on: http://www.amazon.com/Self-Made-Wellionaire-Reclaim-Health-Million/dp/0692689451/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8

Jill’s Bio:
Jill has several 3-letter certifications behind her name, such as MBA and MOM, but the one she’s most known for having is OCD. As an author, coach, speaker and chief butt-patter in charge, she relishes order, tends to think in lists and doesn’t mind telling it like it is. After serving time in the trenches as a serial entrepreneur and former corporate manager, Jill combines her offbeat humor with her wellness and business knowledge to teach busy people everywhere how to run their lives like a boss. Her first book, Self-Made Wellionaire, was published in 2016. This entertaining self-help book proves that anyone can get healthy without driving themselves (and everyone else!) bats hit crazy in the process. Jill hopes that her coddling-free, humorous motivational style will inspire people to stop making excuses so they can start putting one healthy foot in front of the other. Because nothing is more empowering than feeling good–and nothing feels better than laughing your ass(et) off. Seattle is her home. Aside from soaking up as much time as she possibly can with her three wild children, she loves exploring colorful new places, the solitude of early mornings, back scratches, hammocks, hot tubs, fresh air, bicycles, ooey gooey gluten-free baked goods and short lines. Preferably all at once. You can sign up for her free newsletter at JillGinsberg.com.

How to be a “Self-Made Wellionaire” includes creating: Find her book her on Amazon

1. Clear vision
2. Set goals
3. Clear action plan

• We have a choice and we can control what we do and how we choose to live our life…be your own manager and CEO.
• Jill teaches you the tools to create the roadmap for you to have success
• What is your “WHY”? this is what I often ask my clients…what is your story?
• What is your vision and goal plan? Are you clear on that why?
• Start with SWOT Analysis:
o Strengths
o Weakness
o Opportunities
o Threats
• Be honest when doing your assessment to get results and success
• You have to WANT to change and take the initiative to change
• Jill works with most clients with food sensitivities, relationship to food and food challenges
• Debbie tries to help athletes of all levels to improve health with her WHOLESTIC Method
• Think like a top manager…we never do this for ourselves or make our wellness a priority
• The tools we use in the working world can be applies to our own lives
• Accountability …
• How to function and stay focus… step by step and organizational skills to be success
• Creating goals you can achieve…Jill uses her tools to help clients become a “Wellionaire!
• Planning, managing time, risk management, tracking and following through
• Get organized with Jill…

Jill’s suggestions on how to improve your fat loss, health or performance?
1. Eating: what works best for you… experiment to find out what your body responds to
2. Meal planning: teach how to do on your own.
3. Fitness: make it fun and enjoyable
4. Energy Audit tool: help understand where struggle is with energy
5. Stress Journal

Health Coaching Certifications:
1. Jill is training is from http://www.integrativenutrition.com/
2. Debbie is starting this program in September 2016 http://nutritionaltherapy.com/

Let me know if you have any questions or suggestions for our next podcast chat!

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