I teach my clients in our sugar detox and reset challenges to cut out sugar for at least 21 days.  Why?  Because we don’t need to eat so many carbohydrates each day!  Do you want to burn fat or burn sugar all day and all night?  FAT of course.  We have plenty of stored calories from fat but we don’t use them if we consume high amounts of carbs/sugars each day and stay on the blood sugar roller coaster.  We need to learn how to balance our blood sugar levels…listen to my past podcasts on “The WHOLE Athlete” podcast for more on this topic.

Here is one chart on how many carbs are in your favorite foods… watch out for the grams of sugar as well as the carbohydrates.  Your liver and muscle glycogen only store around 1200-1800 grams of carbohydrates depending on your size…where do you think the excess carbohydrates get stored?  Hmmm…maybe in our fat storage!?

Sign up for my next 5-Day Jumpstart Challenge in July…starting Sunday July 10th at 4pm or meet with me online as you can live anywhere and do my challenge with me.  It is time to break the sugar addiction and learn new healthy lifestyle habits with my “WHOLESTIC Method” for imrpoved performance in life…at any age.








How to become a fat burning machine

How to become a fat burning machine

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