Do you hate to exercise?

What if your workout made you smile, laugh and have fun?  Hmmm… what a concept!

Let’s start with who is Jonathan Ross – you may not know of him YET if you are not in active in the fitness industry.”

His “800 Pounds of Parents” directly inspired Jonathan’s prolific fitness career. He is a multiple Personal Trainer of the Year Award-Winner, brain fitness expert, blogger for the American Council on Exercise (ACE), and master trainer for ACE, SPRI, and Tabata Bootcamp. His book, Abs Revealed, delivers a modern, intelligent approach to abdominal training. A former astronomer, Jonathan used to study stellar bodies – now he builds them!

His insights are highly-valued by the media for their creativity, novelty, and compelling delivery. His presentations are not to be missed. Working with you as an individual, he is an expert at keeping the “person” in personal training and can quickly identify the most important parts of a fitness routine, and perhaps more importantly, help you become drawn toward the changes so they get easier to make.

Most people are not fitness professionals, tell us little bit about you and your background. Well, it’s very interesting and powerful story, my father died in 1995 when he was 424 pounds. And that was beginning of my interest to work in fitness because I had background, my mother was 370 pounds in 1995. So my entry in fitness professional was really designed to teach the people like my parents, like my family. People find ways to succeed in their lives through fitness, fitness may have lot of impact in order to make your life better.

Your mother made some drastic changes in her life style by your interference. Yes, she did, she even lived better and really did lot of physical activities, it took 7 years to lose 170 pounds and lot of people when they hear that story they get discouraged…

Why they get discouraged? Because, that how long it takes, but 170 pounds is lot…

She always moved forward but faced some difficulties but there was a message for all to struggle hard to make your tomorrow better than today. She even had 370 pounds and lost much in couple of years.

Yes, all of us want to lose weight in 30 days, but it’s all about changing lifestyle habits and now what you working on??

So for me as a trainer, I especially realized in last 10 years that mental aspect of anyone is more important than physical aspect. What I found is that when you exercise you will feel in a single session, in a single experience that even you are tense you will feel good and feel relaxed. There is a shift of a mind set and there is no trainer who can change it in a single physical exercise but you can do it when you exercise and take it as a fun and pleasure. Physical change happens slowly, and now I am working on this, take exercise as a fun and transform the people’s attitudes and feelings about exercise by making it fun.

I love that, that’s why I wanted to podcast with Jonathan….I saw lot of people doing a workout in the gym and try to change themselves physically within few days.

Jonathan is working on an idea based on the fast that in most of the clubs, fitness centers and gym’s people go only to make physical changes within few days, I am working on this that do exercises as a fun with consistency and full attentions.

When we do exercises we are not focusing completely, I think that’s the problem we are having? Well that is right when we are exercising we are not focusing completely because we need quick physical change in our body but it is a time taking process.

Let’s think about a child, think about time having snowball fights, or playing soccer or football, just doing anything as kids did, there was no purpose of doing such exercises or games because it was just fun. This type of program that includes fun as well as exercise I called it as fun-intensity. I am very much satisfied with conducting all these activities so that people bring their children for these exercises and games.

What you did with people of different age groups, like grandparents or grandsons, how you engaged all of them at once?

Jonathan- I use some of the exercises where all of the people do not participate or do activity at once, like in rally race, one of the team member holds the rope and run and the others take rest but they are involved in the game as well. It makes their mind active and also creating fun through these activities.

Jonathan is writing a book which may include:

  • Will power, brain, emotions and how we use these things to make our life easier. I can see that people shift themselves to that point of view.

We should talk about what five little tricks or exercises to keep themselves active?

Sure, Well doing any of the exercise or game is helpful for your fitness level and can reduce stress and increase fun in your life, some of the games which I try to use is to play games which belongs to your brain, you can play even odd number game, that I already mentioned, you can play:

  • Red light green light games,
  • For physical exercises you can play rally race, ball passes, push each other or you can play tug of war game as well.

There are lot of opportunities for people, they can search videos from my Facebook pages, YouTube channels where people can follow me, where I show them different exercises.

Good, where people can find you on social media, YouTube, Facebook etc.? It’s very easy, they can find me on my main website, which is or on Facebook or Twitter as Jonathan Ross. At the end I want to suggest all of people to pick up ball, go for walk and put smile on your face and have lot of fun. Thanks

Thank you so very much for your time and enjoy summer.

Jonathan’s Education and Certifications

  • Certified Personal Trainer – American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • Behavior Change Specialist – American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • Bachelor of Science, Astronomy, University of Maryland, College Park, MD


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