I interviewed one my peers and members of our Todd Durkin Mastermind group Trish Blackwell.  We first connected in our 3 day Mentorship with Todd Durkin back in 2011- we were both training for Ironman at the same time so we were busy getting our run workouts in during our seminars!  She was training for IM France while I was training for IM Hawaii.  Since then Trish has transformed from a fitness manager and trainer into the confidence coach, podcaster, blogger, author and more!  http://www.trishblackwell.com/

D: Talk about how you become a confidence coach and why do you think people need confidence coach and why do you think people need confidence and what you started a business about?

T: My background is in personal training and confidence industry what I saw reoccurring over and over Is no matter whatever type of client I was working with like the workout look different but the message and the coaching and the real change that I was working with people was the same, and that was all below down the confidence people that got the results they wanted and then sustained results where the people who actually believe in themselves. I realize in training someone’s mind and in training them how to overcoming insecurities that is stagnating, they are paralyzing some of the insecurities that we all feared.

Like anybody I suffer with insecurities and its natural  couple of times I said that so that’s how it morphed into actually becoming my full time business and you need confidence coach to be healthier & to perform better and there is confidence coaching for dating and not for just feeling better.

Your greatest wealth is health actually rejoice in that and live life have fun and relax and I have seen that the closer you get to perfection it feels so much better we are striving to be a better person but the happiness element and confidence in your element give you confidence to be content and grateful for present in what you have today and I can say that I can improve my health and there is this confidence that what I am doing today is enough.

What are you doing to coach people, you have started a business what is your message that you are trying to get through?

I have weekly podcast & then I have some online coaching programs. Basically the message is that between all resources is that my goal is to provide anybody with the content whether it’s free like telling them there is somebody in your corner cheering for you, fighting for you & what is really important in life. I go deep into people’s thoughts and then we work on reconstructing those neurological pathways & re training  the way we think, the things we say, the way we see the world and when you start doing that, you really open the door to amazing possibilities. We want to know that everybody values who we are and it gives confidence to be free and who you are and that’s when you conquer anything.

Do you have many men to your program? Absolutely I do have a handful I would say my community is 90% women 10% men and I love them.

Five examples of confidence habits is gratitude, list down 15 things on a journal for which you are grateful, looking yourself in mirror and focusing on yourself. To love others I have to know 1st three things that I’m beautiful, safe & well loved.

Do you find negative body image a big area that you kind of started this for? It’s where it started for sure and I still address. 50% is body image related & other 50% is general self-belief related. People who most relate to this confidence message are perfectionists because perfectionism is an oppressive prison that prevents to ever believing that you are enough. On the outside they look like they have it all together but on the inside they are crumbling and I can say that once that person was me.


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