Doctor Weston A. Price (dentist) traveled around the world in the 1930’s to study teeth decay and the health of different cultures.  He discovered many important lessons that we should have followed since then…this a review from my “Nutritional Therapy Practitioner” program module:

  1. A great variety of diets are healthy
  2. There are certain dietary laws that are inflexible and unchangeable
  3. We must get fat soluble factors from animal sources
  4. In order to be healthy, foods must be properly prepared and in their whole forms
  5. Dr.Prices greatest disappointment was that he could not find a vegan culture that was truly healthy
  6. The “Activator X” supplement- Vitamin K2, fat soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) are required for health
  7. Cavities and dental damage occurred when the primitive diets were impacted by exposure to commerce- white flour and sugar
  8. Increased rate of diseases occurred when groups stopped obeying laws of nature- started eating dead foods or non-foods (junk)
  9. Quality over quantity foods
  10. Diets varied in cultures but no refined or denatured foods
  11. Cultures all used some type of animal products with some raw
  12. Diets were 4x as high in calcium and other minerals and 10x amount of fat soluble vitamins as the modern diet
  13. Primitive communities diet included foods with high enzyme content

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