Spring is here and it is often time to start being worried about how we look naked in public… or rather in a bathing suit!  As you may have heard me say on my weekly podcast ‘The WHOLE Athlete’ or on my blog www.debbiepotts.net  “you can’t out exercise a bad diet”.

From my 25 years plus in the fitness industry and longer as an athlete, I have discovered that losing weight (looking better naked!), getting leaner, feeling stronger and becoming faster isn’t only about exercise.  There are many other factors that need to be functioning correctly and efficiently if we are truly healthy on the inside and out to look, feel and be our best in life!  Plus, I can’t stand it when people use the “getting older” excuse.

I created over the years ‘The WHOLESTIC Method’ to educate others how to become a fat burner, optimize health, and improve performance for life and sports from the inside out.

Are you ready to start a new journey in life? Take a different road to reach the optimal health you have been searching for your lifetime. If you have been looking for the magic pill to lose weight, you may be shocked to discover the truth. Your journey begins by taking you into the WHOLE-body approach, working on the WHOLE you.

Through my new manual and workbook coming out this month on Amazon, I will teach you the tools to become a fat-burning machine, as well as how to get healthy from the inside out with my unique The WHOLESTIC Method.

Do you want to burn fat and not sugar for fuel? Do you want to be happier in life and have less stress? Do you want to sleep through the night and stop waking up at 2:00 a. m. wide awake?

The WHOLESTIC Method program is designed to get you on the right track toward healthy lifelong habits. I will teach you how to use fat as the main fuel source instead of sugar by balancing your blood sugar levels. You will improve your sleep, lower your stress levels, and increase your strength and metabolism.

The WHOLESTIC Method will aid in speeding up fat loss as losing weight isn’t only about exercising and making the right food choices. We treat the body as a WHOLE. You can’t change the way you look and feel by exercise alone.

I can give you some tips now to help you delve into the eight key elements to start transforming the WHOLE you. First, you need to discover your WHY and treat the root cause of what’s holding you back instead of the symptoms.  Why are you tired?  Why do you have a bloated belly or headache after you eat?  Why do you wake up at 2 AM wide awake?  There is a reason for everything but we tend to look for the easy solution and just put a band-aid on the problem by taking a pill or medication for a temporary fix.  First, to get the results you are searching for, we need to do some core work and remove layers. What works for one person isn’t always right for another. We all have different whys. We all have varying genetics and ancestral backgrounds. The WHOLESTIC Method program isn’t only about eating real nutrient dense whole foods that are right for your metabolic type, but working on the WHOLE you. We are going to work from the inside out, building the foundation to help you lose weight, improve your health, and perform your best each day

Everyone is a unique being. The WHOLESTIC Method program is customized for you if you are ready to dig deep to make improvements in your daily life.  I am in program to become a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner this summer- and then I will have the tools to help people improve their foundations that are vital to total health from the inside out and out.  The five pillars of the nutritional therapy program are:

  • Digestion
  • Blood Sugar Balancing
  • Essential Fatty Acids
  • Mineral Balance
  • Hydration

As nutritional therapist, we help individuals improve their symptoms by working north to south.  If we don’t have proper digestion, then how are we to absorb the nutrients from the food we eat?  Do you have acid reflux or indigestion?  Bloated belly?  Gas?  Most people do have a dysfunctional digestion system but we can improve that with proper healing protocols.  We don’t have to get used to feeling a certain way…we can feel our best even as we get older!  Nutrition is key but also the other elements of The WHOLESTIC Method.  As we are to be relaxed and resting while we eat – digestion is a part of the parasympathetic nervous systems which is our “rest and digest” system.  How many people are eating at their desk or while driving their car?  How many people are glued to their cell phones or social media?  We don’t relax and unwind – or focus when we are eating to actually enjoy the ritual, be in the moment or focus on the food we are tasting.  Then we may improve the start of our digestion process!

So, what is the meaning of WHOLESTIC? I took it from the word holistic which is focusing on treating the individual … the mind, body, and spirit. In the Detox and Reset Program, we are focusing on more than one element to improve fat loss, health, and performance. We look at the whole picture from the inside out to become fat burners and get off the blood sugar roller coaster. Chronic stress influences all the elements of The WHOLESTIC Method, so we are going to work on techniques we discuss in my book, Life is Not a Race… It is a Journey.

Let’s take it one element at a time in my manual or go to www.debbiepotts.net for a free chapter on the eight elements.

  1. Nutrition
  2. Exercise
  3. Sleep
  4. Stress
  5. Digestion
  6. Movement
  7. Digestion and Gut Health
  8. Hydration
  9. Happiness

The WHOLESTIC Method is a program to help you begin a new journey to transform the WHOLE you from the inside out.

What does healthy mean to you? I have discovered as a personal trainer, fitness instructor, triathlon/run coach, and a podcast hosts for twenty-five years that the definition of healthy doesn’t mean that you exercise two to three times per week. Based on my experience, to become a fat burner, reach optimal health, and gain peak performance in life and sports we need to do more than just workout a few times a week to be healthy.

To be healthy involves a combination of elements that influence each other which I call The WHOLESTIC Method. I created this program based not only on my experience, but also my observations and interactions with clients of all fitness levels, sizes, and ages.

Most clients I train are between 45 and 65 years old—some younger and some older. To improve fat loss, health, and performance for my clients, I needed to do more than simply train them two to three times a week. Cutting down on calories alone doesn’t work. Eating less and exercising more does not work, either. Eating more carbohydrates and eating non-fat packaged foods does not work, most of all.

So… what does work? It depends.

Being healthy is about working from the inside out and transforming the WHOLE person (you) with the eight elements of The WHOLESTIC Method. In this manual, we are going to dig deeper into the eight elements, as well as Phase One and Phase Two of my coaching program. Phase One is the 5-Day Jumpstart Sugar Detox and Reset Challenge I do with my clients, Fitness Forward Studio, in Bellevue, Washington. I offer a more individualized coaching program with my 21-Day Sugar Detox and Reset Challenge. I wanted to share this program with you as how many sugar detox challenges do you follow that have you write a gratitude journal each day as well as make time to play outside? The WHOLESTIC Method.

The WHOLESTIC Method program is ideal for 21 or 30 days to teach you the tools required to become a fat burning machine with my unique whole personal approach using the eight elements. Are you ready to look and feel amazing from the inside out? Remember, being healthy isn’t only about exercising more and eating less. If it were, then we wouldn’t have such an increase in obesity, cancer, and auto-immune diseases in our society.


The WHOLESTIC Method Sugar Detox and Reset Challenge is designed to help you get on the right road to start a new journey toward lifelong healthy habits. I will teach you how to become fat adapted and get off the blood sugar roller coaster. You will learn how you can use fat as the main fuel source instead of sugar by balancing your blood sugar levels.

You will gain helpful tips and the tools to learn:

  • The difference between being a sugar burner versus fat burner
  • Eat for your metabolic type and be energized after you eat the right foods
  • Various methods how to exercise efficiently and effectively
  • Biohacking tips how to improve your quality of sleep
  • Tips how to manage and lower your stress levels and triggers.
  • The importance of moving throughout the day and how
  • Learn about digestion, leaky gut, gut health, and hormone balance
  • How much clean water we should consume per day and why
  • Why happiness matters, how to be grateful for each day and to add play into your life


In ‘The WHOLESTIC Method’, you learn how to become a fat burner and stop being sugar dependent for your main source of energy!  Becoming what we call fat adapted, a fat burning machine or a metabolically efficient individual is the result of getting off the blood sugar roller coaster and breaking the addiction to sugar. To melt your body fat off, we need to focus on transforming the whole you from the inside out—as losing weight isn’t only about exercising more and eating less calories.  We need to learn how to eat real, whole nutrient dense foods right for our metabolic type to train your body to depending on burning fat for fuel- not the common source in our society- sugar.

In The WHOLESTIC Method, we work on the WHOLE person from the inside out by working on nutrition then the other eight elements- prioritizing as needed based on symptoms and following the foundations of The Nutritional Therapy Association.  The five pillars of Nutritional Therapy we use as Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (NTP) are digestion, blood sugar handling, fatty acids, minerals, and hydration.  Optimizing our health starts with the gut—and eating nutrient dense foods that are right for our bio-individuality will provide us with the nourishment our body needs to function in daily life and sports!  As I always say- “you can’t out exercise a bad diet”.  Go to my webpage- www.debbiepotts.net and find the new client forms to get started.  I have the Nutritional Assessment Form and 3-Day Nutritional log that I use for my coaching clients- print them out for your own benefit and notice what you learn about your symptoms and health from the inside out.  We need to stop and reflect on how we actually feel – as common symptoms as a headache, bloated belly, skin rash or even asthma could all be related to what we are eating and how we can digest the foods!

In The WHOLESTIC Method program, we are focusing on more than one element to teach your body how to burn fat all day long- so you melt fat and regulate your blood sugar levels while you optimize your health and continue to perform your best for life and sports. Throughout this journey, we will look at the various tricks to becoming fat burners, ketosis, hormone balance and getting off the blood sugar roller coaster I have learned about over the years from my own experience, continuing education, and The WHOLE Athlete podcast interviews.

Our society’s acceptance that more is better, the shortest route is ideal, and being busy all the time is expected only leading us down the wrong path for our health. I call this constant overload of the sympathetic nervous system Chronic Stress Disease. I go into more depth about this topic in my Life is Not a Race book. Stress impacts each one of the elements of The WHOLESTIC Method, so we are going to work on techniques I touched upon in my Life is Not a Race personal story.

Keep in mind, each chapter could be a book in and of itself, so I had to stop at some point or else this manual would become an epic tome for the ages. Keep up-to-date on new concepts, tricks, and tips on how to become a fat-adapted, healthy, and fit individual from the inside out with my podcast, The WHOLE Athlete, available on iTunes or my website (see last page for archived podcast episode directory).

If you want to stay the same, then continue doing what you have been doing. But, if it didn’t work in the past, stop doing it. Look at the big picture; we need to push pause and reset then recalibrate to begin a new journey.

Read my story in my book, Life is Not a Race, and learn from my experience. To build new habits, you need to have the right mindset to get started or else you will be reverting to your old habits quickly.

I have put together eight elements that aid in fat loss as well as many other health benefits.

Are you ready?

We are starting from the inside first as we need to get the mind right as well as having a positive attitude and happiness. Let’s start by working on building our foundation by creating goals to establish new life-long habits and rituals. We will continue to struggle with our body weight, health, and performance if we only focus on our exercise.

It is time to get off the hamster wheel and start this new journey in life.

We get the results we are searching for by improving all the elements of The WHOLESTIC Method.

Transform the WHOLE you for life… don’t try to out exercise a bad diet and living a fast-paced stressful life!

Life is not a race… it is a Journey:  Pace the WHOLE you with The WHOLESTIC Method!

Sign up for my next The WHOLESTIC Method 5-Day Jumpstart Challenge starting near the beginning of each month!  Check our Facebook Events page for dates and registration links.

Your WHOLESTIC Health Coach,

Debbie Potts