Today I taaliciayogalk to a fellow fitness and health coach peer – Alicia Murphy.  We are both members of Todd Durkin’s Mastermind group for fitness professionals – those with PURPOSE, who want to make an IMPACT in the world and INSPIRE others!  Alicia and I have a similar but different story that lead us to becoming stress and health coaches.  If you read my book called “LIFE IS NOT A RACE” (available on Amazon) then you know my story of going from the mountain top towards and months later feeling the “crash” as a result of adrenal exhaustion – living life as a race for too long and not pacing the WHOLE me.

Now Alicia has her own personal story that inspired her to change her fitness business to creating a new business called “STRESS MONKEE”.  I love her story – and I am sure you can related to our conversation.  Sorry the recording is a little off as we were without headphones.

Her mission now is to change the way the world views stress.

Alicia Murphy.- aliciamurphey
“I’ve been teaching people to learn how to use stress as a tool to get insanely healthy and to feel amazing.  I’ve been helping people retrain their stress response to be effective + efficient.  I’ve been making sure people understand that letting stress have a choke hold on you will keep you overweight + unhappy…Are you ready to do something about the stress in your life?  Have you been struggling with how to prioritize your life and values?  It’s time to take back your life! START TODAY!”

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