In this episode Debbie talks about how you can become a fat burner…and how do you know if you are a fat burner or a sugar burner?

Are you a sugar burner?  Well you are if you need to keep eating every few hours or else you get upset and emotional because of a low blood sugar! Are you always hungry and eating small meals throughout the day?

A sugar metabolizer releases fatty acids into the system after eating but the body won’t use it – insulin turns off the ability to burn fat.  You can’t use dietary fat for energy or stored fat for energy!

A sugar burner uses quick burning “kindling” for energy versus a fat burner will be a slow burner- “logs” for energy.  If you use fats for fuel then you don’t have to use sugar for fuel- and even spare your glycogen stores for when really needed.

Do you have trouble being satisfied after eating?  Get done eating a meal and you are still hungry?  Then you probably are eating too many carbs and burning sugar for energy instead of fat.  Eat and burning fat makes you feel satiated and full- your hunger levels are in control.

You can’t break down fats (fat metabolism) if you are a sugar burner… YOU CAN”T BURN FAT IF YOU ARE A SUGAR BURNER!

How do you know if you are a fat burner?  You are able to go for hours without a meal and don’t need the standard three meals plus snacks a day.  I can have snacks and one big meal a day – while having energy for workouts and brain focus for studying/working!

Fat burners burn for for energy- more productive, more balance, more steady energy as well as mood since we eliminate the blood roller coaster crashes that impact brain health (mood swings, depression, anxiety and more).

You are able to burn fat for energy or rather able to oxidize dietary fat for energy if you have a fat burning metabolism… but if you are a sugar burner you can’t use that fat for energy thus you will gain weight!

As an athlete- we don’t need to eat all of the sugar gels, bars and drinks if we are fat burners.  You can shift your metabolism and become a fat burning machine if you gradually shift your macronutrients to balance out your blood sugar and insulin surges to burn fat and ketones for fuel while sparing glycogen stores for when needed.

SUGAR BURNERS CAN”T BURN FAT WHEN NEEDED… if you eat fat or want to use stored for energy, you can’t access it if you are a sugar burner.  We want to beta-oxidize fat, reduce insulin surges and re-sensitize cells to respond to insulin.

Hypogylemica Behavior and symptoms includes complaints as fatigue, difficulty sleeping, depression, infertility issues, slow metabolism and hormone issue.  The hypoglycemic person feels- 

  1. Eating high glycemic snacks or chronic snacking
  2. Consuming caffeine or nicotine to decrease cravings
  3. Eating sweets/sugar treats instead of whole food meals
  4. Avoid eating healthy fats, good protein sources and fiber (vegetables) in meals
  5. Easily irritable- short tempered!
  6. Energy levels fluctuate throughout the day

Symptoms of a hypoglycemic would then include: think about that person (or yourself) when you have a low blood sugar levels- “hangry” person:

  1. craving sweets
  2. irritable if miss meals
  3. depends on coffee to get through the day
  4. feels light headed if miss meals
  5. jittery or shaky
  6. easily upset and nervous
  7. blurred vision
  8. brain fog- memory issues


Or are you insulin resistant?

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