Today we have on a new guest – Jim Klopman who wrote the book “Balance is Power: and also created the SlackBow Athletic Balance Training System.   Learn more about the Slack Block and Slack Bow here

Jim Klopman
, Jim was born with brain damage, ADHD, and dyslexia.  He used athletics to overcome these challenges he was faced with.  After years of being an athlete and unsure of his purpose in life, Jim found his purpose and developed his own business called the SlackBow Balance Training System.  He created the SlackBow Balance Training System to enhance his own balance as well as others.  Jim has worked with professional athletes and has benefitted them immensely. I think he would make a great guest for your show and be interesting and inspiring to your listeners!


As an innovator in other industries, Jim Klopman says that his brain damage, ADHD and dyslexia are blessings that free his mind to see tech advances before others. Jim developed the SlackBow Balance Training System to improve and maintain his own athletic performance so he could be athletic all the way into his 90’s.  After five years of development, Jim knows that with the right neural whole body training to optimize the human balance system every person will improve in his sport, her brain will work better, he will live longer and feel much younger.  An avid skier, Jim strongly believes that a fit human balance system is the key to maintaining physical and psychological success in all aspects of life.  He’s also the author of Balance is Power, a book developed to improve your body’s balance to perform better, live longer, and look younger.

Here’s Jim featured on Outside Online.

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