After reading a new book for my NTP program- I wanted to share the information and resources provided in this book that is beneficial for any business owner, practitioner, coach, trainer and entrepreneur.

The PEACE Process by Miriam Zacharias.

The PEACE Process is about establishing the following to be successful as a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner or anyone with a business idea that wants to make it a successful career as my studio – Fitness Forward Studio and branding The WHOLESTIC Method:

  • Purpose
  • Establish
  • Attract
  • Connect
  • Engage

The author of this book, Miriam, really understands the importance of creating a vision and making it become reality as I know first-hand the struggle of running your own business all alone and working to just cover the overhead!  It is tough to be a successful business owner in the health and fitness industry when not only there is so much competition and so many options.  To be successful, we as owners/coaches/trainers need to determine why we are doing what we are doing -and trying to make a living doing what we love.  What is your purpose?  Or I love this question Miriam added in her book-

“at the end of my life, what one thing will I regret if I never accomplish it?”

Hmmm… this is the time to get a journal out and start writing after a walk, bike ride or run to process what we want to do in life not only with our career but who do we want to inspire?  How are we going to make an impact …and to whom?  How are we going to get there?

I always have ideas (too often!) but I don’t know how to follow through with my vision or idea partially because I tend to be distracted, multi-taking and not focused on doing ONE thing really well!

So, let me share my brainstorming process with you so you can learn more about my vision, mission, and passion in life.  What is my WHY???

  • Why do I do what I do each day?
  • Why do I own a fitness studio in a high rent district (Bellevue, WA)?
  • Why do I train clients every day to get stronger, leaner, and faster- and to become better fat burners?
  • Why did I renew my lease again for Fitness Forward Studio in downtown Bellevue when I am financially not where I want to be in my career?
  • Why do I pay for a podcast (The WHOLE Athlete) that doesn’t generate any revenue (yet) that costs me money every month?
  • Why do I write blogs, create programs and new workshops at Fitness Forward Studio?
  • Why did I create and start branding The WHOLESTIC Method back in 2012 when I already have enough going on in my business life already?
  • Why did I write my personal story “LIFE IS NOT A RACE” (on Amazon) and “The WHOLESTIC Method Manual & Workbook”?
  • Why did I start yet another certification program to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner when no one seems to know what a NTP is about?

To help individuals of all fitness levels to burn fat, optimize health and to improve performance in life and sports.

I found that over the many years of being in the fitness industry (25 years already) that I can’t improve someone’s fitness level or their health by only personal training them one, two or three times per week.  People have different health and fitness goals- typically to lose weight.  People want to look better and feel better but I realized that starts from the inside out.

From my own experience, having an idea or concept or program to develop we need a plan or else it ends up in hours of wasted time and energy.  This is the main reason I joined a fitness mastermind group in 2011, called “Todd Durkin Mastermind” group for fitness professionals and then took a program online with Dr. Josh Axe.  Health and fitness professional struggle with running a business and getting in new clients to pay the bills but also for us the owners to get paid each month as well!  We need to get paid for our time – but most of us don’t pay a typical salary every two weeks.  So why don’t we just go back to working for someone else and get benefits?

We need to ask ourselves the questions provided in The PEACE Process book:

  1. What made you choose your health profession?
    1. Started interested in nutrition then corporate recreation then exercise science in college as I found it as my passion (after going the traditional business major/accounting minor route!)


  1. What condition or health issue makes you so mad the it brings you close to tears?
    1. Adrenal exhaustion- personal health challenge/opportunity!
    2. ADHD for kids
    3. Thyroid problems- so many female clients
    4. Cholesterol medication and more for all clients


  1. What story compelled you to change the course of your life?
    1. My personal story I wrote about after being told many times to share my story from being successful top ranking age-group triathlete to exhausted, overweight and depressed in months. LIFE IS NOT A RACE: It is a Journey with The WHOLESTIC Method


  1. What health issues have you or someone close to you struggled with?
    1. Myself adrenal exhaustion
    2. Mother- cancer
    3. Father- heart disease
    4. Friend – breast cancer


  1. What or who in life inspired you and your work and why?
    1. Ben Greenfield- I always wanted to know everything he talked about on his podcast
    2. Mark Sisson
    3. Sean Croxten
    4. Josh Axe


  1. When growing up, what did you love to do more than anything else?
    1. Always into exercise high school, college and after!
    2. Triathlons, marathons, and cycling- endurance sports where my calling


  1. How did you feel when you decided to take on this work?
    1. Once I opened my fitness forward studio in 2010- I felt excited to create the first “all in one studio” but overly focused on TRX Circuit Training and quickly changed marketing after two years being stuck as “TRX Studio” and not branding my workouts.
    2. After years of listening to clients struggling with weight, sleep, fatigue, health problems and focus… and continuing my education as a SUPERHUMAN Coach with Ben Greenfield’s program then as a CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, I implemented all my training and experience into creating The WHOLESTIC Method program
    3. Podcasting- originally, I was the guest co-host, then co-host and now just the host! I wanted to continue breaking myths and sharing new information that we don’t hear in the mainstream media on how to burn fat, optimize health and improve performance.
    4. Nutritional Therapy is my next journey as I want to have the knowledge how to help others transform themselves from the inside with what their body needs to be truly healthy- as well as slowing down the aging process for maturing athletes!

I know I need to create a specific niche and that will be my target market:  The effects of Chronic Stress.  My personal journey started in 2013, five years, to recover and heal from adrenal exhaustion… and writing a personal book on it in November 2016 called “LIFE IS NOT A RACE” on Amazon (look for Debbie Potts or search LIFE IS NOT A RACE book!).    Chronic stress impacts all systems of our body… as I shared in my book LIFE IS NOT A RACE.  Now after going to school to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), I am going to focus on educating, coaching, writing, and speaking about how stress impacts your entire health or what I am branding – The WHOLESTIC Method.

The book “The PEACE Process” guides practitioners on how to take that business idea in a successful practice.  I know as a fitness studio owner since 2010, that having a specific niche and target audience with specific detailed information to target that potential client as well as create the relationships is with a detailed plan… P-E-A-C-E that is laid out in the book and website.

I help athletes of all levels combat fatigue and exhaustion so they can perform their best in life and sports.

My avatar client is one who is experiencing unexplained fatigue, exhaustion, and weight gain.  Eating less and exercising more doesn’t provide the desired results – but learning how to implement the eight elements of ‘The WHOLESTIC Method’ approach helps individuals of all levels burn fat, optimize health, and improve performance from the inside out.

Often, we need to dig deeper to find the root cause of fatigue… search for our WHY!

  • Why are we gaining weight?
  • Why is an easy bike ride now a struggle?
  • Why is a short run up a hill wanting to climb up Mt. Rainer?
  • Why do I lift heavy weights three times a week and I am still gaining fat weight in new areas?
  • Why do I keep gaining weight even though I am eating low-sugar/carbohydrates and higher healthy fats?
  • Why can I go for hours during the day and not feel hungry- but still gain weight? If I am a fat burner then why do I keep storing fat?

These are my personal questions/struggles with my health and I continue to learn about my WHY!  Therefore, I am going to be a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner so I can help others find out the root cause to their unexplained symptoms.  The struggle is real people!

I know there are thousands of other individuals and athletes out there that are fighting the battle with adrenal dysfunction but they don’t know it or understand why.

That is my mission – via establishing The WHOLESTIC Method program at Fitness Forward Studio with Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (including myself), writing a “free e-book” opt-in on as well as, hosting a weekly free podcast called plus changing our focus at fitness forward studio to help transform the WHOLE client from the inside out with The WHOLESTIC Method services.

If you are a new practitioner and business owner, I would strongly suggest getting this book The PEACE Process as well as joining a mastermind group (we will host one in the future!), plus finding a virtual assistant on Up Work, Fiverr, or online other sources.  We can’t do everything or else you will be a future client for me battling adrenal dysfunction with signs of fatigue, weight gain, hormonal imbalances, thyroid issues, detoxification problems, immune system issues and more!

The WHOLESTIC Method Coach, Fitness Forward Studio

Debbie Potts