Mission Statement:

To guide individuals of all ages to improve their fat loss, health and performance in life and sports through an innovative “WHOLESTIC Method” approach working from the inside out.

Fitness Forward Studio Signature Services: Individual Personal Training, Shared 30-minute Personal Training Sessions & Group Training Sessions

Fitness Forward Studio strives to be the “all in one” studio offering everything in one studio that every individual needs to reach peak performance in life and sports. Try our efficient and effective signature 30-minute personal training sessions designed for 1-4 clients with individualized attention or try our group training for 5-16 people.  We suggest starting with our NEW CLIENT special 5-30 minute personal training sessions to get started at Fitness Forward Studio.

Our individual and shared personal training sessions are 30 minutes to offer you to most efficient total body workout is the least amount of time.  The 30 Minute Workout – A high intensity, high efficiency workout designed with the client’s specific needs and goals in mind to get results in less time…just like an hour T.V. show without the commercial breaks!

Private or Small Group Personal Training:  A 60 minute workout in half the time” for groups of three people at an affordable rate.  You choose the focus area…it is all about your needs, areas of opportunities and goals for one to four people shared session.

Fitness Forward Studio Group Personal Training: We also offer group training for 5-12 people …FITNESS FORWARD GROUP PERSONAL TRAINING is all about getting results with total body movements, high intensity intervals and core strength blended with functional movements, mobility and proper alignment. Our trainers offer different style of workouts that are efficient. Each Fitness Forward group personal training session includes a little bit of everything and offer different “focus areas” each day. Our workouts vary to include 3-dimensional dynamic warm-up, stability, mobility, balance, functional strength, plyometrics, agility, speed work as well as some myofascial release with foam rollers, yoga and Pilates mat…all in 50 minutes. Get into Fitness Forward Studio, get your workout done and get results in less time.

Fitness Forward Studio Benefits

  • Private training appointments are all about YOU!
  • We will develop a personalized workout program based on your health history, past exercise routine, posture assessment, body composition test and of course your health/wellness/fitness goals.
  • We can create a workout program with basic strength, core work, stability ball exercises, functional strength movements, sport specific training, Pilates Mat and even Yoga training!
  • Personal training is perfect for setting up a program to follow monthly or meet weekly.
  • Establish your needs and goals are with your trainer …and we will help you reach those goals.
How to become a fat burning machine

How to become a fat burning machine

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