Debbie Potts

Voted top 100 hundred Trainer. Personal  Trainer for 20 years, NASM CPT, USAT Tri Coach, Metabolic Efficiency Specialist, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Yoga and Pilates. Read More

Scott Olsen, Activ Recovery

Scott has been in practice for over 15 years with 1500+ hours of massage and sports medicine education. After years of work with professional athletes Scott has focused his work on issues such as tendonitis, joint pain and injury recovery. He helps his clients recover from acute and chronic injuries and return to what they love–at home or on the field.

Kelvin Wallace

Kelvin Wallace Jr. has been in the fitness industry and competing as an athlete for over 25 years. Kelvin presents a vast
knowledge of training for athletes and various abilities and ages. Kelvin’s continuing education in the health and fitness industry helps him improve performance and health levels for clients.

Michael Bowman

Michael is an Air Force Veteran of 10 years, and earned his personal trainer credentials through the University of Oklahoma’s Advanced Personal Fitness Trainer certificate program, which consisted of 400 semester hours in Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology, Flexibility, Resistance Training, Exercise Prescription, Nutrition, and Business & Management. His fitness interests include Yoga, Martial Arts, High Intensity Interval Training, Intramural Sports, and running.

Melissa Smilow

Melissa has been teaching in the fitness and dance industry for over 10 years. She was certified through Vitality Pilates in 2012 and currently teaches privates and classes throughout the Seattle area as well as Bellevue. She designs challenging Pilates workouts to increase muscle tone and flexibility with an emphasis on proper technique.

Jonathan Lifvendahl

Lucas Franz

Lucas is a dedicated personal trainer focused on fun functional movement.  He is passionate about helping clients with their nutrition, exercise programming and guiding them to become the best that they can be!

Tyler Greer

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Danielle Relph

Danielle has been  training for over 20 years and is certified by NASM, ACE CPT, ACE GX, AFAA and more. She started with teaching swimming, then Pilates Reformer and now specializes in injury rehab and proper technique.  Danielle wants to help everyone understand how their body works and how to exercise without injury.

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