Episode #124: Ketogenic Diet Chat With Keto Carole Freeman

Keto Specialist Carole Freeman comes on the show to talk to host Debbie Potts about who needs to be on a keto diet and more!  Listen in and learn lots- you may want to take some notes!

Are you ready for your LAST diet?  Learn more on Carole’s website… here is a sneak peak:

You’ve tried every diet out there. You’ve lost a lot of weight over the years… but unfortunately, you’ve gained back even more than you’ve lost. You’ve nearly given up hope of ever figuring this out. But there has to be a way!

You’ve seen other people getting amazing results on a keto diet, and maybe you’ve even tried it yourself.

You’ve spent hours, maybe weeks, searching out how to do keto, even calculated your macros on multiple websites.

And then you downloaded meal plans, spent hours on Pinterest, and bought all the keto cookbooks, plus fancy ingredients.

And probably joined several Facebook keto groups with thousands of members all telling you to do something different.  And now you’re completely confused and overwhelmed!  You just want to figure out the RIGHT WAY to do keto to get the best and fastest results…  Are you:

  • Tired of feeling sick, tired, and fat! You’ve tried every diet out there and are done with gaining the weight back.
  • Feeling confused and overwhelmed with how to do keto the RIGHT WAY because of all the conflicting info our there.
  • Frustrated by no weight loss, or hitting a weight plateau and can’t figure out what to do next.
  • Successful in a lot of areas of your life, but know that you could be even more successful if you could just lose the extra weight.
  • Sick of your doctor saying you need to lose weight, and giving you more pills to take.
  • Dreaming of a way to end carb cravings, emotional, and stress eating so you can stop cheating and stay on keto.
  • Ready to find your LAST DIET and never have to worry about your weight ever again.

You’re ready for the RIGHT WAY to do keto…A proven, step-by-step ketogenic diet approach to heal your body AND mind to lose the weight AND keep it off.  You’re ready for my Fast-Track to Keto Success Program.  The approach that gives you:

  • Carole’s Keto Quick Start Formula that gets you to ketosis ASAP, gets rid of cravings, and kick-starts fast weight loss.
  • The metabolic advantage of a well-formulated ketogenic diet; the only diet that is proven to take away hunger and cravings, plus NOT slow your metabolism, so you can keep the weight off for good.
  • One-on-one plus small group support for accountability and motivation to keep you on track.
  • Carole’s expert keto coaching every step of the way, so you always know your next best strategy to maximize healing and weight loss.
  • Not a one-size fits all approach! You’ll learn how to fine-tune your approach to make it work for YOUR BODY.
  • Carole’s Fast & Easy Keto Meal Blueprint that shows you how to fit this way of eating into your busy lifestyle from day 1, with foods you can buy at any grocery store. You won’t be spending all day in the kitchen and wondering what to make with random leftover macros!
  • The ONLY keto diet program with nutritional AND psychological support to address the primary reasons people fall back into old habits.
  • Fast & easy secret techniques to end emotional and stress eating. No more cheating and falling off the wagon!  

Visit https://ketocarole.com/

Episode #123: How to burn fat with LevL Now!

Today we have on a new guest, Dr. Joe Anderson to talk about how we can measure our fat burning ability with a new product called LevL Now.

How can you determine if you are a fat burner or a sugar burner?  We are designed to be fat burners- at rest, sleeping, sitting, driving our cars and lower heart rate exercise.  BUT what if you are eating the wrong foods for your metabolic type (ancesterol, genetic and lifestyle background) or if you are too stressed out from LIVING LIFE AS A RACE (don’t forget to order my book on Amazon!)?

If you are a sugar burner – you are not able to effectively burn FAT which is what we all prefer to be all day everyday right?

What if you could check daily with an easy breath test to see if you are burning fat?

LevL Next will help you- learn how here!

Episode #122: Stephanie Kato shares how to improve performance from the inside out!

In this new episode, Debbie talks to Stephanie Kato who specializes in colon hydrotherapy and lymphology as well as metaphysics.  Learn why we need to keep ourselves healthy on the inside and out to improve our performance for life and sports in this show.  Find Stephanie in the L.A. area if you are in her town!

What is Metaphysical Colon Hydrotherapy?Stephanie shares:  I consider myself to be a Metaphysical Colon Hydrotherapist, a style of healing called Iyasu that I have created. What this means is that I offer my clients the opportunity to work on their emotional body while receiving a colonic. As a colon hydrotherapist interested in working within and healing my own emotional body, I naturally started working with clients and offering emotional healing during their colonics. I didn’t intend to create this work, but because of my fascination with the emotional body, it just evolved into what it is today.  I have found that profound things happen for people when they emote on the table and talk about deep and personal experiences while physically letting go.I believe we hold emotions in our cells, and by bringing these emotions to our present conscious mind, we can literally let them go while we are releasing our waste material. Just as we no longer need the physical waste, we no longer need the emotional pain that most likely is serving to hold us back and keep us stuck in a belief system that is not the truth and prevents us from reaching our true potential. When a client is receiving a colonic and at the same time sharing with me a stressful or painful experience in their life, their body releases. I encourage the client to observe how their body is letting go as they share emotionally. When the client makes this connection, it can be very powerful. I do believe that the most meaningful realizations are those that we come to by ourselves.

People release in stages or layers during a series of physical colonics and/or in the process of a cleanse. When we allow water to fill the colon, we might assume the colon releases its waste and water all at once. It doesn’t necessarily happen that way. During a session, a client may release some and then a few minutes pass and they release more. Think of a metaphysical colonic as an emotional colonic where releasing occurs in a similar way. It can take several sessions to release an emotional block, or shift a mental perspective that a client has had for several years, depending on how deeply they want to or are ready to access and heal that part of them.

In addition, I am an intuitive body worker. This means that as I massage a client and work on their body I am receiving information about that person. Sometimes I hear clear messages from them (without them saying a word). At times, I get a word or a feeling about what is going on with them. Their body may be communicating something about what they are going through in their present life or it may be something from their past. As I am working, I will use different massage techniques to verify what I am picking up on.

At times I share with clients my experiences and observations in order to assist them in delving into themselves, to let go of whatever might be holding them back from experiencing the happy and joyful life that is the birthright of all. In doing so, may each person share their truth with the people in their lives. Although our individual internal work itself is ours alone, the healing benefits everyone.

-Stephanie Kato

FLOW For HealthFor us to experience optimum health, we must maintain a flow – specifically a flow in the energy of the body. Let me break this perspective down to clearly explain what I mean:

Physical- When the flow in the physical body is compromised, we can experience physical dysfunction, such as constipation. The waste material is literally not flowing and prevents it from releasing out of our body.

Mental- There are times when we are experiencing a disturbance in our mental flow due to limiting belief systems, for example. This can prevent a flow of creativity and new ideas from entering our consciousness. Additionally, certain belief systems (mostly unconscious) can keep us ill.

Learn more about Colon Hydrotherapy with Stephanie Kato here



Episode #121: John Tjenos talks digestion, brain deflame & vagal tone

I am excited to have a new guest on the show today- someone who is one of my mentors/teachers in my Nutritional Therapy Practitioner program …Mr. John Tjenos from Seattle, Washington.

Lead Instructor for Nutritional Therapy Association, Co-Founder of Inneractive Healing Systems, and Co-Founder of Meo Energetics

John has been in a private clinical practice in New York City and Seattle since 1991. His multi-disciplined approach reflects his view that for healing to be sustained, it must occur on multiple levels of our being – structural, biochemical, electromagnetic, and emotional. John has integrated Nutritional Therapy with the structural bodywork of Aston Patterning, the Autonomic Reflex Technique pioneered by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, and the applied kinesiology methods developed by Dr. George Goodheart. A core principle and motivation for his work is the idea that nutrition should be a foundation for all disciplines of health care, including medicine, psychotherapy, skin care, dentistry, acupuncture, and massage. He believes passionately in sharing with others the power of nutrition in healing, and especially in healing the chronic conditions that afflict so many people today. He believes that it is of utmost importance to educate parents about the role nutrition plays in their child’s physical, mental, and emotional development.

John and Debbie talk about how to build a better brain to improve performance in life and sports!    See our (first!) Youtube video podcast here as you must see the video of the testing to understand what we are talking about!

What is Vagal Tone and how does it work with Meo Energetics?

The vagal nerve is the nerve pathway that connects the brain to the pancreas, stomach, liver, gallbladder, intestines, lungs, heart, eyes, and mouth. The benefits of strong vagal tone are so wide-reaching because all these organs depend on being activated by the vagal response.

Use Vagal Tone™ for the following symptoms:

  •  Acid reflux
  • Insufficient stomach acid
  • Bloating
  • Constipation
  • Chronic tension
  • Compromised immune system
  • Sleep problems

“Strong vagal tone is the secret to health. Low vagal tone means the brain’s communication with the body is diminished.

The vagal nerve activates the branch of the autonomic nervous system called parasympathetic. Digestion, detoxification, and immune functions are only turned on when the body is in a parasympathetic state. Simply put: when stress is on, digestion is off. 

We should optimally be in a Vagal State (parasympathetic) 80 percent of the time, but many people struggle to be in this state at any point during their day. This is because stress inhibits the vagal response. There are consequences: the body’s essential processes shut down.

The Body Doesn’t Work without Vagal Tone

  • In the brain, strong vagal tone helps control anxiety and depression.
  • In the stomach, strong vagal tone stimulates stomach acid, for optimal digestion.
  • In the intestines, strong vagal tone triggers peristalsis. These muscle contractions allow food and waste to move through the digestive tract. Low vagal tone is a primary cause of constipation.
  • In the pancreas, strong vagal tone triggers enzyme production and release for digestion.
  • In the liver, strong vagal tone triggers detoxification and blood sugar functions.
  • In the gallbladder, strong vagal tone triggers the release of bile, which rids the body of toxins and breaks down fat.
  • In the heart, vagal tone controls heart rate and blood pressure. Strong vagal tone lowers the risk of heart disease.
  • In the bladder, strong vagal tone allows for bladder retention, so low vagal tone can cause frequent urination.
  • In the reproductive organs and genitals, strong vagal tone supports fertility and sexual arousal.

Weak or Strong Vagal Tone Is Your Choice:

Weak Vagal Tone Strong Vagal Tone
 Digestive disorders including leaky gut and food allergies
 Digestion without any bloating, gas, or discomfort
Not being able to feel turned on
Sexual arousal
 Not being able to tell when you are full or hungry
Feeling satiated and satisfied with a meal
 Regular bowel movements

How to Use Meo Energetics Vagal Tone™

Meo Energetics’s Brain Oils support specific brain functions, just like different workouts strengthen specific muscles. Positive changes in your thoughts, behavior, and how your body works become a possibility within your reach.

  1. Apply Vagal Tone four times daily, before meals and before bed, to support the parasympathetic response.
  2. With this brain support in place, sit down to your meal in a relaxed state. Enjoy the process of mindful eating.
  3. With increased vagal tone, experience enhanced digestion and connection to your body.

Episode 120: Balance is Power with Jim Klopman

Today we have on a new guest – Jim Klopman who wrote the book “Balance is Power: and also created the SlackBow Athletic Balance Training System.   Learn more about the Slack Block and Slack Bow here

Jim Klopman
, Jim was born with brain damage, ADHD, and dyslexia.  He used athletics to overcome these challenges he was faced with.  After years of being an athlete and unsure of his purpose in life, Jim found his purpose and developed his own business called the SlackBow Balance Training System.  He created the SlackBow Balance Training System to enhance his own balance as well as others.  Jim has worked with professional athletes and has benefitted them immensely. I think he would make a great guest for your show and be interesting and inspiring to your listeners!


As an innovator in other industries, Jim Klopman says that his brain damage, ADHD and dyslexia are blessings that free his mind to see tech advances before others. Jim developed the SlackBow Balance Training System to improve and maintain his own athletic performance so he could be athletic all the way into his 90’s.  After five years of development, Jim knows that with the right neural whole body training to optimize the human balance system every person will improve in his sport, her brain will work better, he will live longer and feel much younger.  An avid skier, Jim strongly believes that a fit human balance system is the key to maintaining physical and psychological success in all aspects of life.  He’s also the author of Balance is Power, a book developed to improve your body’s balance to perform better, live longer, and look younger.

Here’s Jim featured on Outside Online.

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Episode 119: Debbie Potts talks Sugar Burning vs. Fat Burning Metabolism

In this episode Debbie talks about how you can become a fat burner…and how do you know if you are a fat burner or a sugar burner?

Are you a sugar burner?  Well you are if you need to keep eating every few hours or else you get upset and emotional because of a low blood sugar! Are you always hungry and eating small meals throughout the day?

A sugar metabolizer releases fatty acids into the system after eating but the body won’t use it – insulin turns off the ability to burn fat.  You can’t use dietary fat for energy or stored fat for energy!

A sugar burner uses quick burning “kindling” for energy versus a fat burner will be a slow burner- “logs” for energy.  If you use fats for fuel then you don’t have to use sugar for fuel- and even spare your glycogen stores for when really needed.

Do you have trouble being satisfied after eating?  Get done eating a meal and you are still hungry?  Then you probably are eating too many carbs and burning sugar for energy instead of fat.  Eat and burning fat makes you feel satiated and full- your hunger levels are in control.

You can’t break down fats (fat metabolism) if you are a sugar burner… YOU CAN”T BURN FAT IF YOU ARE A SUGAR BURNER!

How do you know if you are a fat burner?  You are able to go for hours without a meal and don’t need the standard three meals plus snacks a day.  I can have snacks and one big meal a day – while having energy for workouts and brain focus for studying/working!

Fat burners burn for for energy- more productive, more balance, more steady energy as well as mood since we eliminate the blood roller coaster crashes that impact brain health (mood swings, depression, anxiety and more).

You are able to burn fat for energy or rather able to oxidize dietary fat for energy if you have a fat burning metabolism… but if you are a sugar burner you can’t use that fat for energy thus you will gain weight!

As an athlete- we don’t need to eat all of the sugar gels, bars and drinks if we are fat burners.  You can shift your metabolism and become a fat burning machine if you gradually shift your macronutrients to balance out your blood sugar and insulin surges to burn fat and ketones for fuel while sparing glycogen stores for when needed.

SUGAR BURNERS CAN”T BURN FAT WHEN NEEDED… if you eat fat or want to use stored for energy, you can’t access it if you are a sugar burner.  We want to beta-oxidize fat, reduce insulin surges and re-sensitize cells to respond to insulin.

Hypogylemica Behavior and symptoms includes complaints as fatigue, difficulty sleeping, depression, infertility issues, slow metabolism and hormone issue.  The hypoglycemic person feels- 

  1. Eating high glycemic snacks or chronic snacking
  2. Consuming caffeine or nicotine to decrease cravings
  3. Eating sweets/sugar treats instead of whole food meals
  4. Avoid eating healthy fats, good protein sources and fiber (vegetables) in meals
  5. Easily irritable- short tempered!
  6. Energy levels fluctuate throughout the day

Symptoms of a hypoglycemic would then include: think about that person (or yourself) when you have a low blood sugar levels- “hangry” person:

  1. craving sweets
  2. irritable if miss meals
  3. depends on coffee to get through the day
  4. feels light headed if miss meals
  5. jittery or shaky
  6. easily upset and nervous
  7. blurred vision
  8. brain fog- memory issues


Or are you insulin resistant?

Learn more via www.debbiepotts.net