Fit Fat FastDebbie talks to the Sock Doc (aka Dr. Steve Gangemi) about how to condition the body to burn fat, natural injury treatment, recovery, HIIT, ammonia and tons more (see below)! The Sock Doc’s mission is to educate athletes about the benefits of natural injury treatment and prevention. As we know, most conventional therapies such as medication, wearing orthotics, and stretching, do not address the underlying causes of injury.

They also get into: 1. Why “Sock Doc”? 2. How to condition body to burn fat 3. Recovery 4. HIIT Training and aerobic training 5. Endurance training and racing 6. Fueling for training and racing 7. Ammonia toxicity 8. Fat burning machine and efficient 9. Metabolic Efficiency 10. Sugar Sensitivity 11. Injuries 12. Anti Inflammation Make sure to check Steve out at and the Natural Running Center.