In Nutritional Therapy- we are asking you if you are a “B” Type or a “G” type.

What does that mean?

Stimulatory vs. Sedative.

A “B” Type tends to be move slower and needs a stimulant.  Often these clients are hypo-adrenic, hypo-tensive, hypo-glycemic.  The “B” Type client tends to:

  • crave sugar more frequently
  • gets sick more often
  • tends towards Coronary Heart Failure
  • needs more B1-Thiamin supplementation

On the flip side, a “G” Type is more hyper and need to be sedative instead of stimulated as their “B” Type counterpart.

A “B” Type is on full speed- and often a hyper-adrenic, hyper-tensive and hyper-glycemic.  A “G” Type often is characterized as:

  • craving alcohol
  • pumped up
  • does not get sick as often
  • tendency towards Miocardial Infarction (MI) complications
  • needs more B2-Riboflavin supplementation

If you want to improve your cardiovascular health, I suggest getting a full Nutritional Therapy assessment and evaluation to determine which type you are as well as which nutrients your body is asking for to optimize your health and longevity.

As our big ideas on cardiovascular say in Nutritional Therapy include:

  1. A healthy heart reflects a healthy body.  Always address the foundations first for 2-3 months.
  2. Heart disease is a result of over-consumption of processed foods.
  3. inflammation is a significant cause of the most common form of heart disease.  

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The WHOLESTIC Method coach,

Debbie Potts