In this new episode, Debbie talks to Stephanie Kato who specializes in colon hydrotherapy and lymphology as well as metaphysics.  Learn why we need to keep ourselves healthy on the inside and out to improve our performance for life and sports in this show.  Find Stephanie in the L.A. area if you are in her town!

What is Metaphysical Colon Hydrotherapy?Stephanie shares:  I consider myself to be a Metaphysical Colon Hydrotherapist, a style of healing called Iyasu that I have created. What this means is that I offer my clients the opportunity to work on their emotional body while receiving a colonic. As a colon hydrotherapist interested in working within and healing my own emotional body, I naturally started working with clients and offering emotional healing during their colonics. I didn’t intend to create this work, but because of my fascination with the emotional body, it just evolved into what it is today.  I have found that profound things happen for people when they emote on the table and talk about deep and personal experiences while physically letting go.I believe we hold emotions in our cells, and by bringing these emotions to our present conscious mind, we can literally let them go while we are releasing our waste material. Just as we no longer need the physical waste, we no longer need the emotional pain that most likely is serving to hold us back and keep us stuck in a belief system that is not the truth and prevents us from reaching our true potential. When a client is receiving a colonic and at the same time sharing with me a stressful or painful experience in their life, their body releases. I encourage the client to observe how their body is letting go as they share emotionally. When the client makes this connection, it can be very powerful. I do believe that the most meaningful realizations are those that we come to by ourselves.People release in stages or layers during a series of physical colonics and/or in the process of a cleanse. When we allow water to fill the colon, we might assume the colon releases its waste and water all at once. It doesn’t necessarily happen that way. During a session, a client may release some and then a few minutes pass and they release more. Think of a metaphysical colonic as an emotional colonic where releasing occurs in a similar way. It can take several sessions to release an emotional block, or shift a mental perspective that a client has had for several years, depending on how deeply they want to or are ready to access and heal that part of them.

In addition, I am an intuitive body worker. This means that as I massage a client and work on their body I am receiving information about that person. Sometimes I hear clear messages from them (without them saying a word). At times, I get a word or a feeling about what is going on with them. Their body may be communicating something about what they are going through in their present life or it may be something from their past. As I am working, I will use different massage techniques to verify what I am picking up on.

At times I share with clients my experiences and observations in order to assist them in delving into themselves, to let go of whatever might be holding them back from experiencing the happy and joyful life that is the birthright of all. In doing so, may each person share their truth with the people in their lives. Although our individual internal work itself is ours alone, the healing benefits everyone.

-Stephanie Kato

FLOW For HealthFor us to experience optimum health, we must maintain a flow – specifically a flow in the energy of the body. Let me break this perspective down to clearly explain what I mean:

Physical- When the flow in the physical body is compromised, we can experience physical dysfunction, such as constipation. The waste material is literally not flowing and prevents it from releasing out of our body.

Mental- There are times when we are experiencing a disturbance in our mental flow due to limiting belief systems, for example. This can prevent a flow of creativity and new ideas from entering our consciousness. Additionally, certain belief systems (mostly unconscious) can keep us ill.

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