Everything you needed to know about sleep is right here in this episode! There’s a reason that sleep is part of the WHOLEISTIC Method transformation program. It’s important not just for athletes, but for the general population, and far too many people don’t get enough!

Debbie Potts and Phil Maffetone cover topics such as eating or fasting around bedtime, how late in the day you can drink coffee before it affects your sleep, whether sleeping in is more important than an early rise to work out, how to help a disruptive sleep pattern, and much more.

Quality sleep is crucial. Are you getting enough?
From Olympic athletes to weekend warriors, Dr. Phil Maffetone has helped thousands of people achieve their goals in sports, business, and life. Dr. Maffetone is n internationally recognized researcher, educator, clinician and author in the field of nutrition, exercise, and sports medicine, and biofeedback. He’s also worked with entertainers such as James Taylor and Johnny Cash, and has provided a system of success for some of the world’s top business executives as well as the United States military.