We will have limited hours of operation during the Holiday week of Monday, December 25th to Tuesday, January 2nd.  Please check the updated schedule for group training on our MINDBODYONLINE app or website link via www.fitnessforwardstudio.com

Click here to head to MINDBODYONLINE for Fitness Forward Studio

Trainers Michael and Annelise will be available by appointment for personal training sessions.

Please contact us here to schedule a personal training session

Monday 12/25 closed

Tuesday 12/26

  1. 530am-620am: cancelled
  2. 630am-720am: Michael 
  3. 930am-1020am: Michael  
  4. 610pm-7pm: cancelled

Wednesday 12/27

  1. 510pm-6pm: Michael 

Thursday 12/28

  1. 530am-620am: cancelled
  2. 630am-720am: Michael
  3. 930am-1020am: Michael
  4. 610pm-7pm: cancelled

Friday 12/29

  1. 630am-720am Michael
  2. 930am-1020am Michael

Saturday 12/30

  1. 9am-950am Michael subs for Kelvin

Sunday: closed

Monday New Year’s Day 

  1. 930am-1020am: New Years Day boot camp

Tuesday, January 2nd

  1. 530am-620am: cancelled
  2. 630am-720am: Michael
  3. 930am-1020am: Michael
  4. 610pm-7pm:  Sub?

*Please pre-register for group training so the trainer knows who is attending.

*Please contact us at info@fitnessforwardstudio.com to schedule shared or individual personal training sessions.

*Don’t forget to register for our January 5-day and 21-day Sugar Detox and Reset Challenge meeting on Thursday, January 4th at 11am-12pm or Friday, January 5th at 3:30pm-4:30pm.

*Save the date for our free community health fair on Saturday, January 6th 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM with vendors who share the mission to help you slow the aging process down in 2018!

*Here is also the link to the updated landing page https://fitnessforwardstudio.lpages.co/health-fair/

Click here for updates on our Biohack tips to Slow Down the Aging Process in 2018 health fair.

Happy Holidays!

Your Fitness Forward Family,

Debbie Potts