Personal Training at Fitness Forward Studio

Fitness Training:  Get results in less time.

Fitness Forward Studio offers a wide range of personal training solutions to fit your needs and busy schedule.   Fitness training can be the most rewarding investment you can make in yourself.  Select from our six or twelve session packages for personal training or Pilates Reformer sessions.  We offer individual personal training or semi-private training for groups of three or try our  group training sessions for of 8-16 people. We have convenient parking, an open bright clean fitness studio, fit and experienced trainers who walk the talk! We encourage every client to schedule at least one 30 minutes private personal training session per month with one of our Trainers.

  • Private or Semi-Private training appointments are all about YOUR needs and goals!
  • We will develop a personalized workout program based on your health history, past exercise routine, posture assessment, body composition test and your goals.
  • We create a workout program with based on your needs including: strength, core work, stability ball exercises, functional strength movements, sport specific training, Pilates Mat and Yoga.
  • Meet at least once a week for best results for a private session or share with two other workout partners.

Download Fitness Forward Waiver and Health Goal Form below. Download PDF

Fitness Forward Pricing

New Client Specials! Cost   Per Session   Value   Sign Up  
Five Personal Training 30-Minute Sessions $157 $31.40 $250 Sign Up
Five Group Training 50-Minute Sessions $97 $19.40 $125 Sign Up
30 Days Unlimited Group Training Sessions  $197 $6.56 $750 Sign Up
*May be purchased once by new clients only
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Group Training

Group Training Sessions Cost Per Session Registration
Single Session $25 Sign Up
Ten Session Package $227 $22.70 Sign Up


Monthly Auto-Renewal Options* Monthly  Per Session  Value  Registration
8 visits $159 $19.88 $200 Sign Up
12 visits $179 $14.92 $300 Sign Up
20 visits $197 $11.82 $500 Sign Up
Unlimited Group Sessions $249 $8.30 $800 Sign Up
*Auto Renewing
*Members have 35 days from date of purchase to utilize sessions
*$20 for additional single sessions purchased


Fitness Forward Private Training

Personal Training and Pilates Reformer for Fitness Forward Trainers (except head trainer/owner Debbie Potts)

Single Session
Private Training: 50-Minute Session  $75 – $120 Sign up here
Private Training: 30-Minute Session  $50 – $60 Sign up here
Semi-Private Training 50-Minute Session  $50- $70 Sign up here
Semi-Private Training: 30-Minute Session  $30- $40 Sign up here
*Prices vary per trainer.


6-Pack Sessions    Cost      Value
Private Training: Six 50-Minute Sessions    $350    $450
Private Training:  Six 30-Minute Sessions    $240    $300
Semi-Private Training: Six 50-Minute Sessions    $240    $300
Semi-Private Training: Six 30-Minute Sessions    $145    $180


12-Pack Sessions    Cost       Value
Private Training: Twelve 50-Minute Sessions    $675    $900
Private Training:  Twelve 30-Minute Sessions    $450    $600
Semi-Private Training: Twelve 50-Minute Sessions    $450    $600
Semi-Private Training: Twelve 30-Minute Sessions $275    $360

Metabolic Assessments:
Resting Metabolic Assessment $159
Exercise Metabolic Assessment $179
Resting & Exercise Assessment $299

Individual Triathlon coaching $297 per month
Individual Fat Loss coaching $297 per month
Private FF 21 Day Sugar Detox Challenge $497
(includes 6-30 minute Personal Training Sessions)
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Click here to see Debbie Pott’s training and coaching rates.