How can you lose weight in 2018?

Low Carb-High Fat works IF your digestive system works!  

If Keto is so effective – cyclical keto- but what about if you are like most of us and our liver is well- dysfunctional and overwhelmed?

Our liver does over 500 jobs and just as our car… the filter needs to be cleaned out frequently to keep the engine running on full cylinders.  We all want to, and should, be burning fat most hours of the day.  The research makes sense that we should be “burning logs” (fat) and not “burning kindling” (carbs) to keep our fire (metabolism) burning all day without highs and lows (blood sugar roller coaster).  The first step people do after hearing about “Ketosis” and going “Keto” is switching to a high fat and high protein diet.  Boom…one week and some people feel amazing and drop weight when others feel sluggish and stomach discomfort.

What about you?  Are you jumping onto the low carb-high fat lifestyle without fully understanding what ketosis is about and how we are to become better fat burners?  We all want to drop weight effortlessly and feel better from the inside out.  I do believe in altering the daily food plan for clients to be filled with nutrient dense foods but how much carbohydrates, fats and proteins do you need a day to burn fat?  Well the overall goal to burn fat includes the elements of The WHOLESTIC Method including nutrition, digestion, stress and happiness!


We need to be able to balance our blood sugar levels to avoid the insulin surges – if we want to be burning fat for our main fuel source and get off the blood sugar spikes and drops (blood sugar roller coaster).  In order to avoid the blood sugar high levels that increase the fat storing hormone insulin levels in the bloodstream, then we need to cut down on the source:  refined and processed carbohydrates and STRESS!

How should you start burning fat?

First step would be see a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, at Fitness Forward Studio, to evaluate your nutrition plan, digestion system, blood sugar regulation, adrenals/stress hormones, essential fatty acid, mineral balance and hydration levels.  Are you functioning at an optimal level or sub-optimal?  What are your areas of opportunity?  We want to help you burn fat, optimize your health and improve your performance with what I call “The WHOLESTIC Method” and we start our clients with Phase one and then transition into Phase two of the transformation program.


Phase One of The WHOLESTIC Method Transformation program is our 5-day DETOX & RESET Challenge to get your digestion system ready for a change in your eating and lifestyle habits.  Then we move into Phase Two: The 21-day Sugar DETOX & RESET Challenge where we continue eating lower carbohydrate, moderate protein and higher healthy fats but we also continue eliminating the common food allergens or foods we are often sensitive to in our gut which can lead to inflammation in the gut wall lining then heading towards leaky gut syndrome then into inflammation and more in the rest of the body.  

Sign up for our January Challenge with our first meeting on Friday, January 5th 3:30PM – 4:30PM to review the Phase One 5-day DETOX and RESET Challenge.  Then we meet the following week, Thursday January 11th at 3:30PM-4:30PM.  Pre-registration is required as we only have ten spots per each program.  Register by December 24th for the January Challenge and get a copy of Debbie’s new manual and workbook for FREE!

Phase One Challenge:  $97

Phase Two Challenge:  $497

Learn more and register on or contact Debbie Potts.