Blood sugar regulation is probably one our biggest health problems leading to multiple health problems but also easy to repair!

Don’t you want to be a fat burner?

The big ideas of blood sugar regulation from a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner’s perspective is:

  1. The primary organs involved in blood sugar regulation are the Pancreas, Liver and our friend- the Adrenals.
  2. Never in the history of mankind have we had the emergency need to lower blood sugar levels- or until we started consuming large quantities of refined carbohydrates and sugar.
  3. Americans are inudating their bodies with sugar and refined carbohydrates – over 140 pounds per year!
  4. We can reduce insulin surges through adjusting macronutrient ratios (carbs/protein/fat) to help the body utilize fat and ketones for fuel rather than glucose.

If we don’t balance our blood sugar levels – we are at risk at experiencing low levels of energy, mood swings, hormone imbalance, brain health and more. We can create oxidative stress, glycation and crazy energy/mood output when on the blood sugar roller coaster.

“The optimization of this system must be a priority in any health challenge!”- NTA

The pancreas gets worn out from producing so much insulin to help keep the glucose levels in the bloodstream in balance.  Eventually the pancreas can’t keep up with the demand, and now produces insufficient amounts of insulin.  The adrenals get exhausted of being called upon excessively to respond the constant “emergencies” by increasing glucose levels via stored glycogen or breaking down protein (muscle tissue).  Then the poor liver, who already has over 500 jobs to do as well as convert stored glucose (glycogen) or convert proteins (glycogeneogenesis) into usable glucose in the bloodstream.  Our “PALS” are not tired and stop performing up to their expectations.

What is the solution?  Teach your body how to burn fat by re-setting your metabolism.

You may need to strengthen your liver, pancreas and adrenals with nutritional support (see a NTP for individualized treatment and plan or ask me).

We were never designed to run on sugar as our main fuel source but our society has become addicted to sugar.  Sugar is everywhere- so become more aware of what you are feeding your body!  Read the labels- not the front but the back of the label with the ingredients.

We are designed to burn fat as our main fuel source- by balancing our intake of unrefined carbohydrates, quality proteins and good high quality fats in our diet.  Think of burning fat as a slow burning log in the fire…carbohydrates are the kindling in the fire that burn quickly- then you need to replace them to keep the fire burning longer or rather eat again!

Breaking down fatty acids for energy from our cells (beta oxidation) in the liver creates usable and long lasting energy in the form of fat and ketones as the byproduct.  Ketones are water soluble fats used for energy by the muscles, brain and the heart.  Ketones act as a stand in for glucose and can replace a substantial amount of glucose required by the brain.  The results of burning fat and using ketones for fuel may result in improve concentration and focus!

Don’t you want better brain health and power?  I know I need it.

BUT …there is always a but.  Before you start switching to a high fat diet be aware that each of us is bio-individual so one diet (ratios of carbs/fat/protein) will vary per person based on our metabolic type, ancesteral background and genetics.  PLUS we need to always improve our digestion as I have been eating a lower carb-higher fat for years but my liver, adrenals and pancreas are all tired – so now I found out that I am insulin resistance, not able to digest fats and detox correctly as my key PALS are worn out for various reasons.

See a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner to get a plan for you or contact us via to get started today.

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