More to come on blood sugar regulation as this is our first goal to get started on The WHOLESTIC Method transformation!

The Pillars of Nutritional Therapy:

  1. Nutrient dense whole foods diet
  2. Digestion
  3. Blood sugar regulation
  4. Essential fatty acids
  5. Minerals
  6. Hydration

We need to get off the blood sugar roller coaster!   The first step is The WHOLESTIC Method 5-Day Jumpstart Detox & Reset challenge.

Classic symptoms of low blood sugar:  hypoglycemia  = interrelations of pancreas, liver and the adrenal glands.  The liver helps with sort term blood sugar control as it releases glucose (stored glycogen in liver) and raises blood sugar when the levels begin to drop.  The adrenals release cortisol and other stress hormones to help raise blood sugar levels in a “crisis”.  Our bodies begin to perceive our daily typical life events as “crisis” so we begin to respond to the stressors by increasing blood sugar levels- overworking the adrenals, liver (glucose) and pancreas.

The over stimulated pancreas is needed to release insulin to lower high blood sugar levels by storing excess glucose into fat cells so the blood sugar levels stay between 70-90.  The end result of eating a high sugar diet and living with constant “crisis” mode is low adrenal function and blood sugar dysregulation.  The adrenals compensate for a tired, overworked pancreas by responding to blood sugar emergencies.  The body wants blood glucose/blood sugar levels in the blood steam to be maintained in a very narrow range. The pancreas releases the hormones Insulin and glucagon which help keep the blood sugar levels in balance.

Hypoglycemia and deficiencies to investigate with Nutritional Therapy:

  • Awaken a few hours after falling asleep- hard to get back to sleep
  • Low blood sugar levels- drop around 1am in the morning
  • Regulate blood sugar (buy kit to measure morning and after meals) by transitioning to eating lower carbs and adding higher healthy fats to meals with protein
  • Vitamin C and B Vitamins deficiency- will be included in Wilson’s Formula.  Sugar robs the stores of B vitamins to handle the nutrient void sugar foods.
  • Sugar places burden on the adrenal glands – essential for blood sugar control as the adrenals respond to sugar by releasing cortisol which can lead to mineral deficiencies as the body is forced to dump minerals
  • Test for serotonin/melatonin imbalance
  • Check for overgrowth of yeast in digestive tract
  • Check for deficiency of HCL in the stomach
  • Pancreatic enzymes?
  • Hidden food allergies
  • The more you eat sugar- the more you crave it!
  • Mineral deficiencies- magnesium

Learn more in the upcoming release of The WHOLESTIC Method Manual & Workbook coming soon on Amazon!

Debbie Potts

Fitness Forward Studio

Host of ‘The WHOLE Athlete’ Podcast



Author of ‘LIFE IS NOT A RACE’ & ‘The WHOLESTIC Method’