A popular buzz word for 2017 is becoming “keto”, to be in “ketosis”, eating a “keto-diet” or being “keto-adapted” …but do you know what it means?

Are you a sugar burner or a fat burner?

Simply- keto means you are a fat burning machine. 

What is keto?  It is short for ketosis- or being “keto-adapted” which is about burning fat for fuel!  I believe we need to talk more about the benefits of burning fat and ketones as well as the complications from burning sugar- especially if you want to slow down the aging process, optimize your health and improve performance in sports (and life!).

When we breakdown fat (fat metabolism) for fuel via the liver (beta-oxidation of fat) the result is releasing fatty acids and ketones into the bloodstream to be used as fuel for the muscles, brain, and heart.

I am sure you have “fasted” at some point in your life- maybe because you were sick and had no appetite but fasting is natural process.  Until we became addicted to eating refined carbohydrates and sugar – consuming over 140 pounds of sugar per year!  We have been trained to be afraid of eating fat -healthy natural fats by the people who set the guidelines that we are to trust just as the government but not so fast.  The American Diabetics Association, The American Heart Association, and other governing bodies of our food guidelines for health have confused our American population of what to eat and what to avoid (another blog to write – and rant).  The guidelines we are given to be healthy and prevent disease seem to encourage disease and dependence on medication/pharmaceutical drugs.

Eating real food doesn’t make the food industry and the big pharma companies billions of dollars.  Processed foods do as well as the farming of soy, corn, and factory animals.  We are made of healthy fats- in fact every cell membrane (we are made up of cells!) is made of fatty acids.  Part of our inflammation management system is run from fatty acids (prostaglandins) to inflame and anti-inflame an injury.  Our hormones are built from fats and endocrine factories are inside of cells.

To eat fat or not to eat fat? 

Don’t be scared… find out how many carbs you eat a day by using a food tracker as My Fitness Pal or one of the many others!  Look up Keto Diet and carb calculator type of apps. Let me know which one is your favorite low carb/high fat tracker keto app!

NTP Coach Debbie Potts