SAVE THE DATE! Join your Fitness Forward Studio team and other like minded businesses in a new type of health fair on Saturday January 6th at 3PM to 5PM at Fitness Forward Studio in downtown Bellevue! for location.

Join me, Debbie Potts, in this new unique and fun “bio-hack” learning event – just in time for New Year’s Resolutions!  The WHOLESTIC Method and Fitness Forward Studio owner Debbie Potts for an informational event with various vendors and speakers to help you learn “bio-hacks” to slow down the aging process.  Transform the WHOLE you from the inside out in 2018 with The WHOLESTIC Method – by improving your nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress, movement, digestion/gut health, hydration and happiness!

Instead of setting the same old New Year’s Resolutions that don’t work- join us for a health fair that will teach you tricks or “bio-hacks” to slow down the aging process. Kick off 2018 with a new approach to owning your health and making the right choices to slow down the aging process. Visit various health and nutrition vendors that share a similar passion of ‘The WHOLESTIC Method’ elements to help slow down the aging process. Transform the WHOLE you in 2018 from the INSIDE Out! Learn more in our 15- minute “TED TALKS” and stop by Saturday January 6th 2018 between 3:00PM-5:00PM at Fitness Forward Studio in downtown Bellevue.

Find out more as we get the list of vendors finalized as well as a 8-15 minute “TED Talk” mini seminars to help kick off the New Year!


  1. Beauty Counter- Beth Martin
  2. Urban Float/Sun lighten Spa- Gabe Goldberg
  3. Standup desks- Victoria Lyon
  4. Brain Power- Mary Mass
  5. Andrea Gruber- Movement training and Young Living Oils
  6. Pruvit O/S – Keto rep- Kari or Annelise
  7. Bulletproof Café—TBD
  8. Juice and Glow – TBD
  9.  Michelle Rufer – Nerium
  10.  Kathleen Isdith- Arbonne
  11. Andrea Walker- Prime My Body Hemp Oil
  12. Pauline Haugen- Higher Health Chiropractic care
  13.   Scott Olsen- Breathing exercises and body work specialist
  14.   Brianne Gutierrez of NW Cryotherapy
  15.   Amanda Musser- health awareness talk on GMOs
  16. Debbie Potts- The WHOLESTIC Method Transformation Program & Nutritional Therapy (Bryan)

The WHOLESTIC Method Bio-Hacks TED TALKS speakers:  10-15 minutes to be scheduled on-

  1. Nutrition-
  2.  Exercise –
  3. Sleep-
  4. Stress-
  5. Movement-
  6.  Digestion/Gut Health-
  7. Hydration-
  8. Happiness-

Your host,

Debbie Potts

The WHOLE Athlete Podcast



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Author of “Life is NOT a Race” & “The WHOLESTIC Method Manual”