What is Nutritional Therapy?

We help individuals with different health goals to improve their vitality and energy from the inside out by building their foundations.  The foundations not only focus on eating a properly prepared, nutrient dense  whole foods diet, but also focusing on strengthening the five pillars:

  1. Digestion
  2. Blood Sugar Regulation
  3. Essential Fatty Acid Balance
  4. Mineral Balance
  5. Hydration

Everyone can benefit from improving our digestion – and balancing our nervous system (slowing down-pushing pause-reset).  Our digestion system needs to work right or else we don’t absorb our nutrients then we have a cascade of other events and complications that can occur.  How do we get started?  A three-part series of sessions to begin our journey and transformational program.

Get started with our New Client Start Up Package!  Take advantage of our Summer Special rate of only $395 ($460 value)- three sessions in 30 days to start transforming the WHOLE you from the inside out!

  • First Session: Initial Disclaimer, Interview, Confidential Client Health Questionnaire, Food Journal and the NAQ Review
  • Second Session: Functional Evaluation and/or Muscle Testing with LNT supplement testing

  • Third Session: The Success Plan for you including nutrition, health and additional nutrients/supplements needed based on your bio-individual needs from our assessment.

After the 30 days, You have these options to continue on your The WHOLESTIC Method Journey:

Single Session for Non-members:  $200 per 1 hour appointment

The WHOLESTIC Method 3-month membership package: $540 (based on $600 value, save $20 per month)
Receive 1 follow-up appointment per month
Receive text and email support
5% discount on supplements
10% discount on additional follow-up sessions each month (if needed)

The WHOLESTIC Method 6-month membership package:  $1050 (based on $1200 value, save $25 per month)

  • Receive 1 follow-up appointment per month
  • Receive text and email support
  • 10% discount on supplements
  • 10% discount on additional follow-up sessions each month


  • Infrared Detox Sauna
  • Pruvit O/S
  • Gut Guru Healing Broth
  • Personal Training Sessions – 30 minutes shared training

You have a choice to start taking control of your WHOLE health from the inside out… you decide if you are going to put the oxygen mask on first… schedule your intro special package today!

New Nutritional Therapy Services include:

  • Treatment for digestive issues as GERD, Leaky Gut and more.
  • Fatigue, Sleep & Stress Management
  • Detoxification Systems
  • Hormone Balance
  • Metabolic Efficiency
  • Athletic Performance
  • and more symptoms we can improve with Nutritional therapy once we go the the process, identify stressors and do some investigation to find the root cause…just like putting the pieces of a puzzle together.

The WHOLESTIC Method approach is a unique total health transformational program which incorporates the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner skill set along with Debbie’s Metabolic Efficiency coaching and CHEK Holistic Lifestyle coaching skills into one program or Bryan Carrol’s muscle testing and Chinese Medicine background… or Dorothy Sager has a different style of NTP coaching as well!  WE are all here to help you get to the root cause of your symptoms and to feel your best in life!  Stop blaming your age as the problems…”getting older” isn’t the root cause!

Sign up and schedule your New Client Special to Nutritional Therapy with Dorothy Sager, Debbie Potts or Bryan here.  See our new client forms on the website to get NTP paperwork (steps 1-4) and then return to me (scan or fax) before our first session.  Please take time to complete paperwork- don’t rush through it as it won’t be accurate and as honest.  Take time to answer questions and do your food log with symptoms throughout the day (not at the end of day when you don’t remember details).  Focus and relax when doing the forms for best results!

New NTP Client Start Up Special Package:  $397 through August 30th 2017