In the next few weeks, I will be posting blogs from some partners in my treatment and recovery from Adrenal Exhaustion.

This week’s blog is on measuring heart rate variability with Sweet Beat.  Next I will have my coach Mark Allen as well as Dr. Kalish, Dr. Phil Maffetone and my Chinese medicine doctor share some tips for those battling Adrenal Exhaustion.  I found there is limited resources, treatment and success stories out there for competitive athletes to heal from Adrenal Exhaustion.  My solution is to team up with talented specialists in the field and write a short manual on treatment for the endurance athlete.

Here is our first guest …

“Over-training and adrenal fatigue are serious health conditions that athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike need to be educated on. Both conditions are caused by the depletion of cortisol levels. If the sympathetic branch (fight-or-flight mode) of the autonomic nervous system (ANS) is constantly running the body may be releasing an abnormal amount of cortisol. The other branch of the ANS is the parasympathetic nervous system (rest and recovery mode) and it is very important to find a balance between these two for peak performance training. Studies have shown that low heart rate variability (HRV – a measure of the ANS) is related to over-training, chronic stress, and adrenal fatigue.

By taking a three minute HRV session each morning with the iPhone app, SweetBeat, users receive generative biofeedback based on the ANS branch activity. After a few sessions (done at the same time everyday), SweetBeat will create a customized reference line. This will tell an athlete or fitness enthusiast when to “train as usual”, have a “low exertion day” or a “rest day”. SweetBeat tunes the user into how their body is responding to certain activities/triggers.

The stress management function of SweetBeat, allows users to measure their stress in real time, while following their ANS branch activity and power (flip ECG screen). Surprisingly, a large number of users do not realize how stressed they are because they get used to being in fight-or-flight mode. Taking daily measurements for stress management is recommended to help prevent dysregulated cortisol levels and adrenal dysfunction in the future.”

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