The WHOLE Athlete Podcast

Learn how to improve your performance in life and sports from the inside out with The WHOLESTIC Method

Episode #122: Stephanie Kato shares how to improve performance from the inside out!

Another new technique to transform the WHOLE you from the inside out…really from the inside out! Colon Hydrotherapy and FLOW for optimizing health as well as improve performance in life and sports!

Episode #121: John Tjenos talks digestion, brain deflame & vagal tone

The WHOLE Athlete Podcast #121: Improve your performance in life and sports by using this trick to improve your brain health with the famous John Tjenos.

Episode 120: Balance is Power with Jim Klopman

Balance is POWER for Athletes of all levels…learn why and how you can improve your balance with Jim Klopman and Debbie Potts.

Episode 119: Debbie Potts talks Sugar Burning vs. Fat Burning Metabolism

How do you know if you are a sugar burner or a fat burner? Debbie shares what she is learning about sugar burning metabolism vs. fat burning metabolism in her journey to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner.

Episode 118: LIVE BIG with Lance Carter

Learn how to LIVE BIG with Lance Carter and Debbie Potts as they talk shop about why we shouldn’t live life as a race each day!

Episode 115: Keto-Adapted vs. Low-Carb Athlete discussion

Are you a fat burner or a sugar burner? Learn why you may want to be a fat burner and more with Brock Armstrong and Debbie Potts then with the Keto Queen Maria Emmerich.

Episode #114 with Angela Pifer the SIBO Guru and Healing with Bone Broth

What is SIBO? How do you know if you have it and how do you heal from it? Is bone broth a solution? Ask Angela Pifer the SIBO Guru…

Episode 113: Pre and Post Workout Fueling plan with Brad Kearns

Do you eat and/or drink before, during and after your training session? How do you fuel for racing?
Let’s ask Brad Kearns of Primal Blueprint and Primal Endurance his thoughts!

How to become a fat burning machine

How to become a fat burning machine

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