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Learn how to improve your performance in life and sports from the inside out with The WHOLESTIC Method

The WHOLESTIC Athlete… a podcast to teach you tips and tricks how to FUEL, TRAIN and PERFORM your best in sports and everyday life! A podcast committed to sharing tips, tricks, and uncovering the hidden (and sometimes surprising!) truths in all aspects of health and fitness with the “WHOLESTIC Method” approach. We will teach you how to perform your best from the inside out. From nutrition that promotes fat loss to exercise that reduces stress, find out what mainstream media isn’t telling you! It’s your right to know the information that leads to a healthy and happy life. Our goal is to deliver at least one “a-ha” moment per episode that will immediately simplify and enhance your life. Download our 30-minute “truth bomb” podcasts and find out who our special guest co-host is each day to discuss one of our eight elements of the “WHOLESTIC Method” so you can be the best athlete from the inside out.

Your host, Debbie Potts, has been in the fitness industry for twenty-five years as a personal trainer, coach, studio owner and competitive endurance athlete. Debbie has qualified for Boston marathon since 2001 with a PR of 3:12, an Ironman triathlete since 2001 with a PR of 10:24 and a five-time Ironman world championship qualifier starting in 2004. Debbie had battled and overcome stage three adrenal exhaustion since the red flags appeared in the beginning of 2013… leading her to be even more committed and driven to create the “WHOLESTIC Method” to help others stay healthy while they train for sports and life. Prior to this podcast, Debbie has been co-hosting the Fit, Fat, Fast podcast where she interviewed and facilitated dozens of amazing shows on nutrition and fitness. Debbie is an avid lifelong learner that revels in the continual search for ways to maximize the power and limits of human endurance by making the body as metabolically efficient as possible. She is on a mission to find the underground tricks that boost our health, nutrition, and performance. Come along for the ride, you’ve got nothing to gain but health from the inside out!

Episode #151: Transform the WHOLE You from the INSIDE out

Transform the WHOLE you from the inside out with the eight elements of The WHOLESTIC Method that Debbie Potts, has created based on 25+ years of experience and education in the fitness industry. The WHOLESTIC Method manual includes a chapter on each of the eight...

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Epiosde #150: Do You Need To Sweat Out Toxins?

On her new journey for 2018, Debbie is testing out local businesses that share her goal of slowing down the aging process as well as biohacks to improve performance in life and sports. Infrared Sauna-heat therapy is one way that’s supposed to help speed up the...

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Episode #148: Floating with Joe from Urban Float

An important part of being an athlete is recovery, repair, and reducing chronic stress. One of the ways that may help is floating. What is floating, you might ask? Joe from Urban Float joins Debbie Potts to tell us all about it. More specifically known as flotation...

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Episode #147: Winter Base Training with Mark Allen

What should triathletes be doing this time of year during the winter? It’s important to remain active, but how active do you need to be? Should you keep up with normal exercise levels, or is there a benefit to slowing down and enjoying a bit of a break? How much...

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Episode #146: Are You Running To Something or From Something?

Is 2018 the year you start running? This episode has all the inspiration you need! Mike Rouse opened Run Texas, a 30-year dream come true, to provide a place for runners of all levels to achieve their goals through the right gear, the right training support, and the...

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Episode #144 – Mental Coaching with Nathan Last

In triathlon, or any sport, how much of your performance is physical vs mental? As athletes, we tend to focus on the physical aspect, but the amount that mental ability factors in may surprise you. That being the case, what are you doing to train and develop your...

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