The WHOLE Athlete Podcast

Learn how to improve your performance in life and sports from the inside out with The WHOLESTIC Method

Episode #114 with Angela Pifer the SIBO Guru and Healing with Bone Broth

What is SIBO? How do you know if you have it and how do you heal from it? Is bone broth a solution? Ask Angela Pifer the SIBO Guru…

Episode 113: Pre and Post Workout Fueling plan with Brad Kearns

Do you eat and/or drink before, during and after your training session? How do you fuel for racing?
Let’s ask Brad Kearns of Primal Blueprint and Primal Endurance his thoughts!

Episode 112: Jator Pierre talks about what is best exercise to burn fat?

What is the best exercise to burn fat? Debbie asks Jator Pierre!

Episode 111: Ronda Collier & Debbie talk about using heart rate to test food sensitivity

How do you know if your body reacts negatively to that food or supplement you are taking? Ronda and Debbie talk about heart rate testing for food sensitivities on Episode 111 of The WHOLE Athlete podcast.

Episode 110: How to train for a race without burnout with Luis

Join Debbie in a conversation with Luis Becdach on training for endurance multi-stage races and being a “WHOLESTIC Athlete”

Episode 108: Brock & Deb talk about making New Year’s Resolutions!

Happy New Year! Welcome to our first episode of 2017 as Debbie Potts talks to Brock Armstrong about creating New Years Resolutions- and more!

Episode 107: More about Blood Sugar, Burning Fat and Ketosis with Debbie

Let’s dive into how we burn fat …and not burn sugar. Debbie Potts shares what she is learning from Nutritional Therapy Association program as I become Nutritional Therapy Practitioner in 2017.

Episode 106: Brad Kearns & The MAF formula

In this episode of The WHOLE Athlete- Debbie chats with Brad Kearns about the Primal Endurance way to training with the MAF formula for success to avoid burn out and break down.