The WHOLESTIC Method Transformation 30-Day Program


  • Phase One: 5-Day Liver Detox & Reset
  • Phase Two: 21-Day Digestive Repair & Rebuild
  • Phase Three: Maintenance 80/20 Program

Top ten questions and then some coming soon in my new Ebook for you!

  1. Why do we need to detox?
  2. How does our detoxification system work?
  3. Where are toxins coming from?
  4. What is the role of the liver in detoxification?
  5. Symptoms of liver overload and congestion?
  6. Do we need to do a detox program?
  7. How frequently should we follow a detox program?
  8. How will the detox program benefit me?
  9. Does a liver detox program help me burn fat and lose weight?
  10. How does this 30-day program help me optimize my health?
  11. Do you tell me what to eat and drink for the program?
  12. What does “Reset” and “Rebuild” mean for me?
  13. How will a detox, reset and rebuild program improve my performance in my sport?
  14. Is a Detox is safe?

What are your questions and goals?? Please share them with Debbie and we can answer common questions in the upcoming free ebook and do a podcast episode for The WHOLE Athlete! Debbie