Are you trying to find new ways to look and feel your best on the inside and out?  Well that is what I have set as my New Year’s Resolution for 2018… find new “bio-hacks” to slow down the aging process and transform the WHOLE me from the inside out with The WHOLESTIC Method.

In 2013, I created beginning of “The WHOLESTIC Method” with eight elements to learn how to burn fat, optimize our health and to improve performance in life and sports!  The WHOLE Athlete podcast came around after years of co-hosting “FIT FAT FAST” podcast and “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR” podcast to teach athletes of all levels to learn new tricks how to improve performance.

In 2016, I self-published my first book LIFE IS NOT A RACE, to share my personal story and journey with adrenal exhaustion starting in 2013.

I am on a mission to create awareness of our addiction to busy-ness and being chronically “on” every day from the time we wake up until we hit the bed at night. We are doing too much every day and we need to learn now how to stop living each day as a race. We want to train hard but we need to recover harder. If we don’t stop, pause and reset more frequently, then we are putting ourselves at risk for speeding up the aging process and slowing down the recovery-repair cycle. We should desire the opposite.

Don’t you want to speed up the recovery and repair process? Don’t you want to slow down the aging process?  My journey for 2018 is to experiment with different “bio-hacking” methods to slow down my aging process, improve my detoxification system, strengthen my adrenals and improve my performance in triathletes so some day I am strong enough to race enough.  The WHOLESTIC Method manual reviews tons of information on how to slow down the aging process and improve performance as I shared information from guest on my podcast over the years.

In 2018, I decided we are missing a big piece in my manual and on my podcast… so I am adding a bonus chapter this year!  My new year’s resolution is to continue learning and growing which includes researching and exploring methods to improve the recovery and repair cycle.  As we talk about on my podcast each week- “transform the WHOLE you from the inside out with The WHOLESTIC Method”.  

So here we go… my adventure this week is to experience 30 minutes of relaxation in the Cocoon at Seattle Sun Light Therapy in Bellevue WA. An infrared wellness pod!  I felt like I was in Mork from Orks bed from the old T.V. show or on a space ship device in Star Wars.  The cocoon has five settings with a full spectrum of infrared light therapy (near, mid and far), dry heat, aromatherapy oils by my head and light therapy on my face.

What are the benefits?

Well you will need to subscribe to my weekly podcast (new episodes out Tuesdays!) to learn more about the benefits on infrared light and heat therapy but here is a few benefits shared on their website and by the spa hosts who guide you to get started on your “light spa” experience!

  • Soothe Aches & Chronic Pain:  Decreases sensitivity of nerve pathways & decreases levels of pain mediators.
  • Increase Flexibility, Range of Motion: Warms the muscles similar to light exercise through deep penetrating heat.
  • Boost Immunity: Increases production of antibodies which help the body fight viruses, infections, & allergies.
  • Stimulate Circulation, Speed Healing:  Stimulates increased blood vessel dilation, increases proteins, peptides, & blood flow, which promote wound healing.
  • Influence Mood with Aromatherapy: Stimulates relaxing or activating brain waves, depending on the scent used.

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