It is the NEW YEAR and the NEW YEAR brings NEW YEAR’s RESOLUTIONS- or intentions?  How can you set an intention for the year and follow through with creating new lifestyle and eating habits?  Learn how to transform the WHOLE you with The WHOLESTIC Method Transformation program!  New for 2018 by your coach Debbie Potts.

Perhaps your goal or resolution is to LOSE WEIGHT as so many others.  Why is this an annual ritual to need to diet in January?  I would think after the holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving then ending New Year’s Day brings additional social events on the calendar, extra calories, extra sugar intake and excess alcoholic beverages. So yes…we all may feel a little heavier, a little bloated and a little more sluggish.

January is the time to DETOX the liver, improve DIGESTION and to do a FOOD ELIMINATION challenge to get back on track.  The WHOLESTIC Method Transformation program is designed to transform the WHOLE you from the inside out by starting with Phase One then moving into Phase Two before we transition to the ongoing Phase Three- until we need a little refresher or detox again.

What does The WHOLESTIC Method Transformation program entail?  The program is created by Coach Debbie Potts based on years of experience as a trainer, health coach, podcaster, CHEK Holistic Lifestyle coach and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner. 

The WHOLESTIC Method Transformation benefits:

  • Get a jumpstart on healthy eating habits and breaking old habits
  • Learn how to get off carbohydrate and sugar addiction by eating more healthy fats and moderate good source proteins
  • Learn how to workout efficiently and effectively in less time
  • Improved quality of sleep- and sleep through the night!
  • Reduce Stress and aware of red flags and chronic stressors.
  • Improve brain health- clarity, focus and memory
  •  Move more during the day with daily goal of 10,000 steps per day
  • Improve gut health and digestion while strengthening the gut wall lining
  • Teach the body to burn fat and get off blood sugar roller coaster- learn about ketosis and fasting
  • Burn fat, optimize health and improve performance in life & sports!

The 5-Day Detox & Reset Jumpstart Challenge includes:

  • Five Day Detox & Reset Jumpstart Manual
  • 5-Primal Kitchen Nutritional collagen coconut shake packets (includes greens, probiotics and omega- 3 fatty acids)
  • Five day detox plan
  • Daily tips and guidelines on how to transform the WHOLE you with our eight The WHOLESTIC Method elements
  • One hour “The WHOLESTIC METHOD” seminar ($150 value)
  • Online support available by team and coach for five days
  • Discount on our gut healing bone broth: 5 bags for $55!
  • *Remember spots are limited to ten people per challenge!!

Click here to register and get your 5-Day Detox Manual

Register for The WHOLESTIC Method required:  two options for our seminar:

  • Thursday, January 4th from 11 AM – 12 PM 
  • Friday, January 5th from 3 PM to 4 PM

We will review:

      • The WHOLESTIC Method Eight Elements
      • Blood sugar roller coaster and how to become a fat burner
      • Toxins and Liver Health
      • Chronic Stress and Blood Sugar Regulation
      • The nervous system: PNS vs. SNS
      • Gut health and inflammation
      • Detox & Reset program questions.

    Make the change you have always wanted!  $97 for the 5-day Jumpstart Detox Challenge

    or take the January Challenge: Phase One 5-Day and Phase Two 21-Day Challenge for $497

    Additional add on:

    5-packets of bone broth for $55 extra

    5-servings Pruvit Ketones $25 extra

    5-30 minute personal training sessions for $97 extra

    Are 5-days not long enough?

  1. on’t worry you can join us for  Phase Two: The 21-Day Sugar Detox & Reset Challenge In this program we will take it a step further and you will learn how to become more efficient at using fat for fuel, manage your stress, improve sleep, digestion, movement and get off the blood sugar roller coaster. In addition to everything you would receive in the 5-day challenge you will also receive:
        • Overhaul your lifestyle habits with close guidance from your health coach Debbie
        • The entire WHOLESTIC Method Manual!
        • Weekly group online webinar to review homework, questions, and support
        • Daily accountability messages and reports to stay on track
        • Connect with your coach weekly to keep accountable, consistent and honest.

    Our informational seminar for is on Thursday, January 4th from 11 AM – 12 PM or Friday, January 5th from 3 PM to 4 PM to review the manual, detox program, and answer questions.  Contact Coach Debbie Potts at or via