If you listen to my podcast out every Tuesday, The WHOLE Athlete, then you may be hearing a theme… GRATITUDE and HAPPINESS on our recent episodes.

The time between the busy holidays season, starting with Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve, brings busy schedules filled with family, friends and work commitments on top of an already busy daily schedule.  We love to be busy each day and most of us do not know how to be still or quiet!  Instead we fill our days up with meetings, appointments, errands, pick ups and deliveries plus more.  Some how during the holiday season, we are able to add more activities to our full schedules because somehow this time of the year the activities are more filled with LAUGHTER, JOY, HAPPINESS and GRATITUDE!

Why do we feel more happy around the holiday season?  Or perhaps you feel the busy holiday season during the last five weeks of the year is depressing?  We should be smiling and laughing each day instead of getting angry, short tempered, anxious and impatient.  Right?

Either way, I believe we should look at this time of year, the end of the year, a time to reflect on our lives and bring the attitude of GRATITUDE to our circle of life… and hopefully start the New Year with this ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE that lasts all year long!  The year 2018 should be the best year of your life- as each year (and day) should be the best time of your life!  We have a CHOICE how we want to reflect, interpret, respond and react to situations we experience every minute of the day.

What is your choice going to be if you want to experience JOY, HAPPINESS and GRATITUDE every day of the year?

I say have the #attitudeofgratitude and do something each day that makes your laugh out loud!  Then I started thinking of how many “P”‘ words were powerful after talking to Nate on a podcast recording on Mental Skills training.  I went for a run that afternoon after the podcast and thought of powerful “P” words that related to gratitude, happiness and joyfulness.

  1. Positive (attitude over negativity)
  2. Powerful (mindset)
  3. Pause (reset)
  4. Posture (be open to reflection, feedback, experiences…)
  5. Playful (laugh and play as you were a kid)

I then asked Dr. Goggle for positive P words and I actually found a website called www.positivewordsresearch.com of all things!

Here are some other “Powerful P words” for you to reflect on… and then add other words that are helpful in re-wiring your mindset to be more positive, confident, motivated, focused, resilient, mindful and other key skills we should embrace each day in our lives as well as in sports performance.  (plus learn more from Nate at www.mentalgritconsulting.com)

  • Perfect
  • Positive energy
  • Positive thoughts
  • Peace
  • Passionate
  • Please
  • Personal Growth
  • Pleasure
  • Positive Attitude
  • Preparedness
  • Presence
  • Preservation
  • Proactive
  • Progress
  • Playfulness
  • Power
  • Privlege
  • Polite

What areas of improvement do you feel you could make in 2018?  I don’t believe in New Year’s Resolutions but I do believe we have a CHOICE to CREATE CHANGE if we are consistent with our new habits.  The first step that I ask my

clients to do in our The WHOLESTIC Method Transformation program is to write in a journal each night during the program.  My suggestion to my clients is to write at least three things that they were grateful for that day or what made them happy- then hopefully start writing more for a daily journal entry if their mind starts flowing onto the journal as a brain dump.  It is a therapeutic and rewarding exercise for us all to add into our evening pre-bed routine – plus you will probably sleep better after writing!  Try it!  Learn more in my new manual coming on Amazon…The WHOLESTIC Method Manual and Workbook.