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Are you short on time? Wanting to save a few dollars? But not willing to compromise results? If so, Fitness Forward is now offering 30-minute Shared Personal Training and flexible schedules! Get the benefits of a private personal trainer for less money and in less time. But don’t worry! We won’t skimp on results. Think of it as a 60-minute show with NO commercial breaks — same amount of content without pause. Join us to experience:

  • Tailored workouts based on your goals.
  • Focused attention on form, alignment, and posture.
  • High intensity workouts designed to deliver BIG results in LESS time.
  • Variety in your workouts using a mix of several modalities and intensities.
  • Plus new client Intro Specials for those new to Fitness Forward!


  • You’ll push yourself more when working out with 2 or 3 other people.
  • Workout more frequently as 30-minute sessions give you more flexibility!
  • Get results in half the time of a 60-minute private session.
  • Track your success with monthly check-ins.
  • Train smart with our heart rate training program and participate in challenges.
  • More bang for your buck. More time in your day.

Best Deal: Sign-Up for Auto Renewal
8 30-Minute Sessions/Month
12 30-Minute Sessions/Month
Other Options: Single Sessions
One 30-Minute Session: $40 per SessionOne 45-Minute Session: $60 per Session

Sign up for Auto Renewal and Save even more!

Don’t just save time by opting into our 30-minute Shared Personal Training, save money by opting into our monthly Auto Renewal program. Gain the flexibility to schedule your sessions when you want AND save a few bucks along the way. Contact Fitness Forward to get set up!

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special offer for new clients.

Jumpstart Your Heart: 5 Shared Personal Training Sessions

If you’re a new client and are interested in our 30-Minute Shared Personal Training, or any training for that matter, let us help you get started with our Special Offer of 5 30-Minute Shared Personal Training Sessions for only $150 – saving over $50 as you begin your journey to get fit!

Fitness Forward is known for its personal attention and extensive knowledge in not only fitness but sports medicine, injury recovery, and nutrition. Let us partner with you to bring your health back to where you want it to be. Sign-Up today to begin! Offer expires January 31st.


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