During our The WHOLESTIC Method transformation program, we want to continue eating mostly organic low-glycemic, non-starchy vegetables mixed with lots of healthy fats and good source free-range, wild caught animal proteins.

If you eat the right ration of macronutrients (fat-protein-carbs/vegetables) then you should be full for 4 plus hours – but also if you are a fat burner then you are off the blood sugar roller roaster!

Remember the goal of the 5-day Detox that you did last year was to do a liver detox (you should do this quarterly) and then phase two is to improve digestion and break food habits.

Then we move to phase three for maintenance where we continue to follow food rules 80% of the time which is to continue eating REAL whole foods, nutrient dense and natural sources.   So we continue to eliminate processed foods and refined sugars while eliminating common inflammatory foods as gluten/grains, soy, corn, commercial dairy, peanuts and fake foods!

Example day:

  • Upon rising:
    • drink 8-12 ounces clean water (not tap water) with lemon
  • Breakfast: eat when hungry
    • Smoothie with vegetables as kale, spinach, celery and collagen protein mix (or make)
    • Add healthy fats as flax seed oil, coconut milk and/or MCT oil
  • Afternoon snack if needed

  • Lunchtime: eat when hungry
    • Big super green vegetable organic salad or grilled vegetables with protein source as eggs (with yolk), fish, chicken or turkey
    • add healthy fats as olives and avocado
    • Top with olive oil or avocado oil, sea salt and kelp flakes
  • Dinner: eat 2 hours or more before bed time- ideally not after 7pm
    • Pick a protein source
    • Pick vegetables as grilled or sautéed or roasted
    • Pick healthy fat- cook protein with good source bacon fat or coconut


  • Liver detox herbal tea
  • Dr. Axe Detox Tea – ACV, Cayenne Pepper, Cinnamon and lemon
  • Clean water- half body weight in ounces of clean filtered water per day with lemon slices when possible
  • No Alcohol
  • No coffee or limit to 1-2 cups per morning before 11am (make sure make own coffee- grind beans and French press)

NEXT:  FOOD TESTING … 60 minute heart rate test pre and post food:

LNT COCA PULSE TEST:  Which foods do you feel that you are reactive to that you like to eat?  Pick those foods for a test… here are the directions from fellow NTP Lauren’s blog.

Food Sensitivity Testing with the LNT Coca Pulse Test

  1. Do this test 1-2 hours after eating or drinking anything.
  2. Start when you are mentally, emotionally and physically relaxed.
  3. Always take your pulse for one full minute… don’t take it for 30 seconds and multiply it by two.
  4. While sitting, take a deep breath and slowly exhale.
  5. Take your pulse by counting how many times your heart beats in one exact minute. It may be easiest to feel your pulse by placing two fingers on the upper right side of your neck.
  6. Record this pulse rate.
  7. Next, put a piece of the food in question in your mouth. It is okay to chew, but don’t swallow. Taste the food for at least 30 seconds.
  8. Then, take your pulse again for a full minute with the food in your mouth.
  9. Spit out the food and rinse your mouth with filtered water.
  10. If the pulse rate rises 6 or more points with a food, it indicates a stress reaction and that food should be avoided.
  11. Remember, food sensitivities can heal through diet and lifestyle changes, so it will be possible to re-test and reintroduce these foods after a period of healing.
  12. Let the pulse return to the baseline before testing with a different food.
  13. NOTE: If testing eggs, test the egg yolk and the egg white separately. Egg yolks are often better tolerated than egg whites.


“Food sensitivities don’t need to be permanent-

  • Food sensitivities and even some food allergies can heal with time and a nourishing diet.
  • Food sensitivities occur due to leaky gut, reference in scientific literature as intestinal permeability because the tight junctions between the cells in the small intestine begin to dissolve.
  • As a result, undigested proteins or partially-digested food particles to escape into the bloodstream.
  • This triggers antibodies to attack the foreign particles in the blood.
  • Sometimes when addressing a food sensitivity, all it requires is temporarily eliminating the food in question for a few months.
  • Re-test the foods at intervals of 3 months to see if you can re-introduce them.
  • In more serious cases, a comprehensive protocol may be required to heal the gut, so the food can be ingested without triggering those antibodies.
  • Please read a comprehensive post The Leaky Gut Guide for steps and resources here https://empoweredsustenance.com/food-sensitivities-test/



Debbie Potts

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Author of ‘LIFE IS NOT A RACE’ & ‘The WHOLESTIC Method’