Happy New Year!

From the number of blogs and emails, I get in my email inbox each day lately- as well as from my Nutritional Therapy Practitioner training and education… KETO (ketosis or ketogenic) programs are finally being recognized as a method to lose weight, burn fat, improve gut health, digestive system, blood sugar regulation and many more benefits.  Here are some top benefits of the keto diet to help you get motivated to try our The WHOLESTIC Method DETOX and RESET Transformation program (Phase one, Phase two and then move into Phase three).

  1. Weight loss:  Low carb, moderate protein, and higher fat food plans have been known to help weight loss as the body stops burning sugar for its main fuel and becomes a fat burning machine. Finally, we are getting off the blood sugar roller coaster and burning sugar – switching from feeding kindling to the fire to keep it burning to slow-burning “duraflame” logs instead!  We have fat fuel to use- and much more of it available over carbohydrate/glycogen stores if we allow and teach our body to access the fat stores for fuel!
  2. Controls the appetite!  Eating higher healthy fat diet keeps you full and satisfied for hours over the old high carb/sugar diet plans we would follow.  The fat is filling so you end up eating less overall!
  3. Brain health!  You may not need to lose weight but what about improved focus, clarity, and concentration?  I know my brain health can be improved which is my main interest and motivation to add Pruvit to my daily food plan.  Click here to learn more about Pruvit Ketone Supplements and to make your 30-day order.
  4. Improved Gut Health!  By decreasing the sugars and processed foods from our diet and adding more healthy vegetable fiber
    can improve the gut health.  In our Transformation program, we will also add nutrients to heal the gut wall lining and repair the gut…while improving digestion and elimination pathways.  5.  Improved Energy!  While you get off the blood sugar roller coaster that leaves you with energy highs and low plus possible connection to your low energy, depression, ADHD, ADD and other brain-related sluggishness… ketosis and burning fat as your main fuel will provide the steady flow of energy you need all day long.  No more blood sugar crashes in the afternoons!  Once you become a fat burner machine or fat adapted, you will feel more energized physically and mentally- even in your workouts!

Are you ready to switch up your program and begin your transformation for 2018?  Contact Debbie Potts at www.fitnessforwardstudio.com and look for her new The WHOLESTIC Method Manual and workbook on Amazon!



Top 6 Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet