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shared personal training sessions

Share a 30-Minute Total Body workout with two other people. Our unique “60-Minute workout in 30-Minutes”.
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individual personal training sessions

30 or 50-Minute Personal Training sessions for individuals of all levels, goals and needs.
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group training sessions

50-Minute “All in One” workouts for the busy individual in a group of 5-12 people. Everyday is a different workout!
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Become a fat burning machine by changing the way you fuel, train and perform. No diets here, this is about creating and sustaining lifelong change. btn-blue-type-moreInfo


Transform your body in less time through our efficient shared and private 30 minute training. You’ll be burning fat all day long! btn-blue-type-moreInfo


Finish your first race or set a new personal record with our running and triathlon coaching. Learn how to train efficiently for great results. btn-blue-type-moreInfo


Come experience one of our unique and efficient group training sessions. First class is free! And no two classes are the same. btn-orange-type-sessionDemo

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we take the "WHOLESTIC Method" approach to improve fat loss, health & performance

By integrating nutrition and exercise for peak performance in life and sports. Our certified trainers and coaches are knowledgeable and always willing to guide you towards your fitness goals whether it’s to lose weight, run your first 5k, complete your first ironman, or feel well-balanced, strong, and healthy.

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I come from a traditional sport background of playing basketball, baseball, soccer, you name it I played it.  As I have gotten older I find it even more important to stay in shape.  Fitness Forward has a number of classes that work out ALL aspects of your body in 50 minutes. In an era where “TIME” is our most valuable asset these innovative workouts not only challenge ALL levels of people but keep things fresh so you don’t get bored. If you want to get into the best shape of your life then show up and start transforming your body, mind, and soul.


I personally hold a very sincere and dear spot in my heart for Fitness Forward and Debbie Potts to once again connect to my competitive self. Through the support and guidance of Debbie, I found myself successfully finishing numerous 70.3’s, an Exterra, Half Marathons, and Ironman Cozumel. I personally owe my new healthy and empowering active lifestyle to Fitness Forward.

Eddie Sergeeff

I am 66 years old, never a star athlete, but sporadically went to the gym on my own. I decided to devote a year to get in better shape and began working out at Fitness Forward. The workouts are different; I later learned more functional. As I gained strength, I got more interested in eating better, which resulted in more energy. I have lost 15 pounds, feel much better and have had fun in the process. Most important my golf swing is more stable!


Debbie Potts

Debbie Potts has been in the fitness industry since 1993 and is recognized as one of the top personal trainers in Western Washington. As the owner of Fitness Forward Studio, Debbie focuses on creating individualized programs for clients based on their needs, goals and assessments in order to get results quickly.

Debbie also coaches executives, athletes, and individuals at all levels on how to lose fat and become metabolically efficient with her “WHOLESTIC Method” approach to improve fat loss, health and performance for life and sports by working from the inside out to get to the root cause.  Get ready to transform your health, body and fitness by improving your nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress levels, movement, digestion, hydration and happiness with her “WHOLESTIC Method” she create based on her 20 plus years experience as a fitness trainer and coach. Read more about Debbie.

Contact Debbie at Fitness Forward Studio today to set up a consultation and start your journey to becoming a “fat burning machine” and a physically fit individual from the inside out.  Get started with her 5-day Jumpstart Challenge to break the addiction to sugar and processed foods…and learn how to improve performance for life and sports with her WHOLESTIC Method approach.

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Our ||WHOLESTIC Method|| 21 Day Reset Challenge

Eliminate sugar and common food allergens such as gluten and commercial dairy for 21 plus days.  Learn how to enjoy real whole foods as healthy fats, quality grass fed and free range protein sources as well as lots of organic vegetables.  Heal the body, mind and lose the need to diet with better nutrition, efficient exercise, quality sleep, stress management and proper movement. We take the wholistic approach to fat loss and health.

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