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I came across Dr. Joel Rosen’s blogs online and I was interested in learning more as his personal story of adrenal fatigue and recovery is similar to my story so I signed up for his mailing list -great blog and webinars.  I contacted Dr. Rosen to discuss his latest webinar on adrenal fatigue and ketosis.  I know when I was in the beginning stages of adrenal exhaustion, I was unable to tolerate any sugar (including fruit) without spiking my blood sugar levels sky high and a headache within seconds.

If are adrenals are broken – we may struggle with regulating our blood sugar levels so ketosis may be an ideal solution for those recovering from adrenal fatigue.  We need to find the right amount of dietary fats, proteins and carbs to find the right balance for you to be in ketosis.  If you get the shakes and light headed if you don’t have a meal or want to crash after eating you may have cortisol levels responding to stressor.  We often get stuck in the chronic stress roller coaster… over and over again which results in chronic adrenal fatigue.  Then we become maladaptive in responding to cortisol = acute, maladaptive chronic phase.  Then we can’t regulate blood sugar levels throughout the day- then if we are asked to eat multiple meals and snacks throughout the day to manage the blood sugar then we are stuck on the blood sugar levels.  If we are stuck in the adrenal fatigue state- are cortisol levels are not functioning correctly.  We have too many stress triggers – so we need to decrease the stress alerts by switching to ketosis.

How should we eat if you have adrenal fatigue?  Eat when hungry but measure your glucose and ketones in the morning…once you understand your values — ketones .5- 3.0 and glucose 60-80.  Once in more ketogenic zone and relate it to your hunger…do you need to fuel up based on your numbers.  Listen to your body if you don’t measure your ketones and glucose.

Another treatment method Dr. Rosen offers at his Boca Health clinic is improving the brain function… listen to his explanation of the brain therapy. I did a similar treatment method with Dr. Panah in Bellevue, WA two years ago for three months.

Improvements we can implement…

1. Breathing- posture

2. Adequate hydration with healthy water

3. Healthy proteins, fats and carbs with not too much sugar

4.  Reduce stimulant use- as caffeine and supplements for “energy”

5. Proper supplementation based on your “weak links” and what response they are having with your body…we don’t need them everyday if feeling good!

Less of 50 grams per day for Ketosis…if you are more athlete a little more may be okay or less if not as active.

www.bocahealthcenter.com or www.adrenalsociety.com for opt-in on the “X-Factor” on what is missing on adrenal fatigue treatment.  Click here to sign up for the free article on the Adrenal Society webpage


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