Improve the WHOLE you from the Inside Out!

The WHOLESTIC Method Program:

Sugar Detox & Fat Loss Coaching

THE WHOLESTIC METHOD:  Our unique method of coaching clients on the eight elements of the WHOLESTIC METHOD designed to help individuals of all levels reach their optimal fat burning capacity, ideal health and improve performance for life and sports by working on the WHOLE person…from the inside out.

Do you struggle to lose weight and feel energetic?  Learn how losing weight has a lot more to do with…

  • what we eat instead of how many calories consume each day
  • how we exercise and how long we exercise (intensity vs. duration)
  • the quality of sleep we have each night and how long
  • how we manage our stress and react to situations
  • how many hours we sit during the day and how many steps we take per day
  • the quality of our gut health, gut wall lining and good gut bacteria
  • how hydrated our cells are each day with clean water
  • time we spend laughing, smiling and enjoying life…being grateful

Phase One:  The 5-Day Jumpstart Challenge

Learn how to make your body a fat burning machine with our signature “WHOLESTIC Method” coaching approach to improve fat loss, health and performance!

The 5-Day Jumpstart Benefits:

  • Get a jumpstart on the summer healthy eating habits
  • Learn how to workout efficiently and effectively in less time
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Reduce Stress
  • Add movement into day with our 10,000 steps per day goal
  • MYZONE tracking MEP Points for workouts – order your MYZONE heart rate monitor here to join the challenge

The 5-Day Jumpstart Package includes:

  • Five Day Jumpstart Manual (mini-version of our 21 day challenge!)
  • Private daily text messaging service to our challenge members if you text “BURNFAT” to 77094
  • Nutritional shake mix for the five days (includes greens, probiotics and omega-3 fatty acids)
  • Five day meal plan
  • 5-30 minute shared personal training sessions ($200 value)
  • Daily tips and guidelines for being a “WHOLESTIC” athlete with our eight WHOLESTIC Method elements
  • One hour WHOLESTIC METHOD coaching sessions ($120 value)
  • Online private Facebook group page to share meal plans, workouts and questions
  • Online support available by team and coach
  • Bonus workout on the Sunday after our WHOLESTIC Method seminar/coach session

Phase Two:  The 21-Day Sugar Detox & Reset Challenge

Learn how to make your body a fat burning machine with our signature “WHOLESTIC Method” coaching approach to improve fat loss, health and performance!  Learn how to become more efficient at using fat for fuel, manage your stress, improve sleep, digestion, movement and get off the blood sugar roller coaster. Receive individual attention to keep you accountable and to help you reach your goals… quickly and effectively.  Get a team of 3-5 people together to create a friendly competitive challenge.

Fee:  $597 per person individual coaching or $1197 for private 30 day intensive coaching.

In addition, you will:

  • Overhaul your lifestyle habits with close guidance from your health coach Debbie
  • Receive our “Wholestic Method” manual
  • Weekly group online webinar to review homework, questions and support
  • Daily accountablity messages and reports to stay on track
  • Connect with your coach weekly to keep accountable, consistent and honest.


Ask for the “VIP” Individualized WHOLE coaching plan for the best results: If you are seriously ready to overhaul your health habits and lifestyle from the inside out, then you are ready to receive the “VIP” treatment to help you reach your fat loss, health and performance goals.  You will learn how to eat right, train right and sleep right with your private “WHOLESTIC Method” coach Debbie Potts.  The package includes weekly personal training and meetings, nutrition check-ins, stress management techniques and more.  Additional cost for lab testing and suggested supplements.  Price: $1197 per month In addition, you will:

  • Receive our “21 Day WHOLESTIC Method Sugar Detox & Reset” manual
  • Weekly 30-minute personal training sessions
  • Daily communication to keep accountable and consistent on the program.
  • FitBit device to measure steps per day, sleep and more.
  • Heart Rate Testing
  • Fitness Forward T-Shirt


The WHOLESTIC Method Resources for improved fat loss, health & performance!

Here is a list of resources that will help you during your 21-Day Challenge and beyond.

Here is a list of healthy tips & tricks that relate to your services and support a wholeistic approach to fat loss and health.

Here is a list of lifestyle products that support a wholistic approach to health.

“I wanted to thank you for the support and results that the 21 Day Challenge has given me.  I started my training effort with the 21 day challenge and through this quickly lost 17# and re-evaluated my diet, and exercise program and lifestyle choices.  Now we are 10 + months later and down 44#, and I have reduced my pant waist size 6″.  The basic parameters of the 21 Day Challenge helped me where a myriad of other efforts had failed.  I also used a second 21 Day challenge at the 9 month point to help push through a plateau and refresh and focus my approach.  Debbie has continued to evolve the program and her help, and more importantly, her personal support and attention were keys to  success.  If you are looking to get in the right place as it relates to diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes to lead towards a healthier and happier outlook, I strongly recommend you take the FF 21 Day Challenge.”

Mark Kane

I decided to sign up for the FF 21 Day Sugar Detox Challenge this fall.  I felt I needed a program to help me eat smarter. I wanted to sleep better and have more energy during the day.  If I could lose a few pounds along the way; all the better. I wanted someone to hold me accountable and to aid me in sticking to the program.  The FF 21 Day Challenge helped me more than I ever thought it would.  By eliminating the sugar in my diet (or most of it,) I did start to feel substantially better.  While Debbie felt that the first few days might be tough, as I came off sugared foods, they weren’t. There are so many bad foods available and I use the word “food,” lightly because in fact, they are not REAL FOOD.  The program has you shop for a huge range of vegetables, fruits, meats, etc. that ARE good for you.  I learned that the healthy fats available in avocados, nut butters, olive oil and a new one for me, coconut oil, not only help fill you up but are good for you and help you metabolize other foods.  I have continued on this program on my own as I feel so much better and sleep better.  I have lost 5 pounds very slowly.  I cannot say enough good things about the 21 Day Sugar Detox Challenge.

Bob Plain

“I have known Debbie almost from the beginning of her career.  I think I am probably one of her oldest clients in years (I have just turned 60!) as well as in the amount of time I have worked out with her (Approx. 12 or 13 years.)  She is responsible not only for teaching me about living a more healthful life with exercise and nutrition but for the following;  Debbie got me to do my first triathlon, she has taught me yoga, strength training and now pilates. Debbie continues to learn and teach what she learns. Debbie truly walks the talk! An added benefit has been meeting other folks through Debbie who enjoy these same activities.  My husband and I have traveled with these friends and have enjoyed social time while competing in half marathons, etc. When I miss a week without doing something at Debbie’s studio, my week does not seem complete.

Alison Bell

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