As we are out and about town more often this time of years visiting friends and family, you may notice something different- or at least I have more and more this year.

People are looking at their cell phones while they are with friends.

Why are people checking social media and updating their status while spending “quality” time with friends, family and co-workers?  I don’t get it.

Why can’t we just BE PRESENT and BE IN THE MOMENT then post our pictures and update our activities (if really necessary!) on social media channels.

I challenge you to stay focused, be present and live in the moment with the people you are with this season and carry the new habits into the New Year.  Perhaps you have your phone out to look up something you are discussing or to take a photo… but often I see all the people at the table looking at their phones and not having an old fashioned quality conversation.

What is wrong with this picture? 

Group of friends at a restaurant with all people on the table occupied with cellphones


I think we need to change our cell phone habits now and “FOMO” (Fear of Missing Out) now before it gets even more of an epidemic.  I haven’t even gotten to our problems when driving our car- where we are tempted to check our texts, emails and social media updates while we are driving?  Again, I ask WHY?

What are your reasons?

Do you think you should limit your time on your phone and social media?

What are some solutions?

Here are some examples of how I try to “disconnect” to stay connected or to focus when working:

  • turn off all notifications that are not necessary as social media status updates
  • keep my cell phone volume off when at work with clients, with friends and when focused on my work
  • when driving, keep my cell phone in my purse in the back seat where I can’t reach it while driving
  • set limits in the evening when I am off my phone, text messages, emails and social media.
  • stay off phone and computer when quality time with my husband, friends or clients.
  • Other suggestions?

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The WHOLESTIC Method Coach,

Debbie Potts